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What’s up? It’s SupieUp! Since I’m mainly focused on digital 2D art at the moment, I feel that I haven’t really been working on icons. Just recently I made this one as a warm up. Any suggestions?

Yes, I know it doesn’t look original in design, I myself would probably rate it a 3/10 in that area.


Looks great!! Keep it up and you will be more better!


Looks epic! I definitely understand what you mean by unoriginal design. My friend, @GubbyPlayzz, made these a while back:


Clicking Masters!

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If you made the castle, i would rate it 9/10
The one point because of the overused font :sweat_smile: It looks like grobold if i am wrong im sorry.


Looks decent, but actually nothing interesting.

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Yes it is grobold, I was told by a friend to use it, can you recommend me any other fonts I can use?

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I like this alot, but maybe you should give the towers (the ones with red roof) a darker color than the castle so they stand out more. It might not be original, but this actually look amazing, so be proud of yourself. Good luck!


Looks great, I definitely like the cartoony aspect of it.


Awh, thank you. I think I feel a bit more confident of the design thanks to you. I appreciate your feedback!

It looks good!

Obviously, there are always ways to improve a design. For example, the font could be changed to something more original.

There also is no contrast between the background and the text, you could accomplish this by changing the color of the text/background.

Lastly very small thing but you can see the pixels clearly, maybe up the resolution a little bit. But this is no huge thing.

Nice Art, it might not be a super original Idea but clients usually want stuff like this.


Im not expert in fonts.
Just look at some free font sites. Find the ones that fit to the logo. :happy1:

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Alright. I’ll leave this 2 posts over here since both can be pretty helpful for you:

As a final advice: Find your own style and keep practicing.

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The white in between the words should be taken out, it looks weird.

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