I need feedback on my icons

Possibly change the color of “Royale” because right now it blends into the background a little. A blue background with the red “Royale” could look really good

How’s this?

Battle Royale Logo (1)

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Very neat, what are these icons for?

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I was thinking about doing commissions. I’m not sure yet. So this is just practice.

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ohh i see, very nice for starting. I like the style, Keep it up.

Does this look better?


i’m not sure if you meant to reply to me, but i prefer the first one you made.
being completely honest, it looks a bit odd with a gun for the letter L

Yeah, the gun for the L does look strange.

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If anyone wants free logos in this style, message me on the Developer Forum!

They look good! I feel gfx would do it like my last comment! Gives me the SamsonXVI icon vibes. good job!!


I’m not exactly sure where I would put a GFX.

Behind the text, it would really add to it, but I like it right now!

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I need to be honest since you are looking for constructive criticism. Some people just post in thia category to receive replies like: “Awesome” or “good job”; but I will give you my opinion.

I really think that you just took some images from Google and put them all in the same file so they looked good. I will say that’s a pretty common practice and almost all Graphic Designers started like that (including me).

BUT, the fact that you say tou made this by yourself really grab my attention. The background is pretty generic, the icons are pretty easy to find on Google and you just added some text to it. That is not a good icon.

However, as you are starting in this thing I have some advices to help you grow:

  • Learn to use vector programs such as Illustrator or Gimp to create the icons
  • If you use anything for reference from the internet, be sure to say it when you present your icon
  • Keep practicing, that is the best way to keep getting better.



No worries! I agree with everything you said here. I’ll make sure to make every thing myself when I learn how to. :smile:
Looking at your artwork, I know you’re someone to listen to!

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I have a question, what do you use to make your icons?

looks great, I think you might want to increase the size of the graphic in the middle to fit the box better

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There are plenty a good amount of softwares. If we are talking about UI you can use Figma, wich is a web based editor and it is completely free. If you want to create icons for your games you will need other kind of softwares such as paint.net, Gimp or Photopea (All of them free but Photopea have a paid version).

I got myself another job besides Roblox and can pay for Photoshop (wich is the one I currently use) and Illustrator.

But the software will just give you a little boost. You need to keep practicing, my friend

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I just learned that you can distort the text in PhotoPea. Now I know how people make those wavy texts. Thanks! :smiley:

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Wow! Nice work @Crazedbrick1! These look awesome! Good job on these icons. Keep the good work up! Btw how long did it take to create one of those and what did you use?

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Thanks! Is there anything I can improve on?

Pixlr E and Pixlr X, I switch between the 2 to do certain things.
Pixlr E is good for learning, X has more features and is almost as good as photoshop.

Photo editor online - Pixlr.com
The fonts that I use a lot are Luckiest guy and Bubblegum.
A good place to find fonts is dafont.com , there are much others to look for too.
The icons I use are from flaticon.
It takes me about 10 minutes to make one.

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