Feedback on group logo

So I’m making a new game called Zombie Killers and I was thinking of making a group for the game. So when players play and join the group they get special perks in game.
So far all I’ve thought about for the group name is “MayDay Studios” and here is the logo for that idea.

So I decided to make more logos for the group based on the feedback I was getting from my other post

So the idea for this one was “War Dogs”

And this one well…I dont have a name for it yet, but I really like it!

If you have anymore ideas I would love for u to tell me!


Assuming that you want it to be the game’s main group and/or fanbase, you may want to make the groups icon related to something in the game, e.g. a zombie horde.

As for the name, i’m not sure.


Like Espelk said, having a related image helps. Some games have the same group icon as the game icon. Others have 2 different icons.

The zombie game I’m making is basically where the military goes out and eliminates the zombies.

The second one reminds me of my squadrons mascot, so naturally, I must support it.

Also because it looks hella cool.

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