Ideas for my game group

So I’m making a new game called Zombie Killers and i was thinking of making a group for the game. So when players play and join the group they get special perks in game.
So far all I’ve thought about for the group name is “MayDay Studios” and here is the logo for the group

I was thinking about having a very simplistic logo for the group. And I would like you guy’s opinions on more group name ideas and logo designs!


I like the dark, simplistic, and mask like design of the logo, however I think it could use quite a bit of polishing. For example maybe add some shading and different effects to the logo. I think the group name is great, however there is another game studio with nearly the same name,!/about,
you may want to keep that in mind. Anyways, good luck!

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I was going to say make a logo about Zombies, but then again you might make some other games in this group. The logo that you have currently chosen definitely does not suit the name. Maybe you could try calling the group ‘Zombie Galore’ or the ‘Person Shooters’ or something to do with killing since the theme of your game is that. If you could add a bit more detail to the logo, like maybe a guys face in the mask (if it is one).

Anyways, good luck!

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So do you have any ideas for a group name similar to “Mayday Studios”?

Not right now, but I’ll let you know if I think of any.

I think the studio name should be unique, not based on what type of game your gonna make. A name that will fit your group and that is unique. The name is good but I have a few other name suggestions. Here are my name suggestions, FrightNight Studios, Vex Studios, and Furious Games. Good luck with your group, hope you find what you are looking for for a group name.

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I’d recommend doing a more interesting, eye catching logo but it’s up to you! I believe the logo should capture what the groups about, and the current logo you have does not really catch anyone’s attention, or tell them what the group/game is about. I’d do a logo that has MayDay Studios in it, with some effects and maybe some zombies! Good luck.

Midnight Industries?


Title Suggestions - Zombie Frenzy, Zombie Hunters, Zombie Destruction.
( Tbh there are a LOT of zombie games so trying to pick a name has zombie in it with a action word is a lil difficult I guess you could say undead, necro, etc instead potentially )

Icon wise you may wanna keep it relevant to the game you are making maybe the thing you got going now but green with a chunk out of the top ( indicating zombie bite ) and drooling mouth or zombie mouth.

Also this last part is just a suggestion but I wouldn’t worry much about making perks for a group until you got the game running a decent bit since you require a playerbase for those perks to even be useful.