Feedback on Hammer Made in Blender + Question about Blender

Hello, :roblox_light: Developer Forum :roblox: !
Today, I modeled a hammer in Blender, and would love some feedback!

I didn’t render the image because for some reason some outlined shapes would turn black once rendered.
Also, I would like to ask a question. How do you export OBJs with textures and materials/colors in Blender? I’ve been searching for a while now, and, haven’t found anything so far.
Help is appreciated :grinning:!


dude your talented ,Dwiddle would appreciate your help

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I’ve inserted MeshParts and uploaded the file into them; and it imported into Studio with the texture with it last time I did.

Ah, thank you very, very, much! But, unfortunately, I didn’t understand any of that. So, we insert a meshpart, upload a mesh to the library, add the mesh id into the meshpart, then what? Or am I doing something wrong?

Every time I load the file it comes out grey(default grey plastic in studio)?

Since my game is published, I uploaded from pressing the File button in the MeshID property. Let me get a video of what I mean.

Ok, thank you! I keep having the same problem as Andrew Beast! Wait, I found the insert from file button. Ok, still have the same problem.

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Also ensure that the UV Mapped texture is set to the mesh in Blender.

(whoops didn’t mean to record audio in it but oh well)

What is Dwiddle? I keep seeing you talking about? Also, Holy This Model Is Just beautiful, I don’t know how to explain, but it just looks so good. Oh. My. God.,

Its just so perfect

I can’t stop thinking about how amazing this is




Aww, thank you! Anything to improve on? Nothing is perfect, you know. In my next model, I might add some spikes and make it look more like a weapon than a toy.

Dwiddle is a genetically modified super spider


No luck. Still grey, I’ll try publishing the game, then retrying. Check for an edit in this reply! Still no luck, I don’t know what to do.

Well I feel like that the Handle could be a bit bigger. But thats all I got really.

Keep Doing What Your Doing

It’s Amazing


I intended for it to be like a tiny hammer, like 1 and a half feet long.

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If you have to, you can import the texture as a decal to the site, and use that ID for the MeshTextureID.

Yes, but I don’t know how to do that! That’s what I meant by not being able to get the texture/ not being able to find anything.

First, upload the decal to the site here: Create - Roblox
Select the image and upload with any name.
image \

Once you submitted your image, copy the ID.
To find it, click on the Decal you submitted and check the URL.
The ID you’re looking for are these numbers.

Once you copied them, you may put those numbers in the properties of the MeshPart here.

If you mapped the texture correctly in Blender, the texture should come out correctly.

Yes, I know all that. But how do I get the texture from blender? Thats what I mean.

Is the texture not saved as an image?

I don’t think so. Not on mac, maybe.