Feedback on Improved Building Models


Have you ever heard of One Night Ultimate Werewolf?
Recently, me and @robloxguy9093ALT planned and worked on the game months ago, and we feel like the game is almost done, but missing something. So, robloxguy9093 released a topic about that game and one person mentioned that our game needed more detail, so the first thing we improved was buildings! We appreciate some feedback or suggestions to improve the buildings a little more!




great improvement! these buildings look perfect!
but I see that a lot of parts are used for all of these details that can cause lags and slow game loading for some users with bad internet connection the best way to fix this is by using meshes (if every building was a mesh then there will be only the exterior part of the mesh to load and display

and I dont really know if your game has an asset loading screen when the player joins, but if it hasn’t then you really should make one, loading screens are very important to avoid players from spawning with the whole map not loaded.

The buildings look much much better. I highly suggest just not using unions on any of your builds because they always calculate geometry, causing lag. Good look with your game!

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How do you change models into meshes?

By remaking them in blender, well it takes some time and its a lot of work there is also maybe people that dont really know how to create meshes using blender but it can really help optimising a laggy game to make it possible for more slow devices to run a game smoothly as for the game mentioned in this topic I dont really know if its laggy or not I just gave the advice of using meshes to try optimising the game, thats all.

Note:its true that using meshes can sometimes reduce lags but we need to know when to use them! for example: if we had to make a simple model like a simple wall with a door hole in it we dont have to use meshes for it but just the normal studio’s building tools, meshes must be used only with complex models
like the buildings showed in this topic models that require a lot of parts if built in roblox studio because every mesh added in a game is one more asset that the game have to load every time the player joins it,
so if there is too much meshes then the game’s asset loading when joining could be very long one way to reduce the number of meshes in a game is to re-use already used meshes