Feedback on Island

I’ve recently built an island for a project I’m working on, and I thought I would post it here for suggestions by other builders.

Game Link: Tests - Roblox (Privated Game)


Wow, this looks great. The only thing I can tell that looks off from the screenshots is the multitude of trees. Most places only have one or two types of trees, and the ones you have belong in different regions. I recommend making three different variations of the same tree, and then rotating them accordingly. Hope this helped, and good luck!


This build is extremely good! Your tree locations (except for one) and terrain are both spot on.

I really have nothing to suggest for improvement other than:

  • Push the bushes into the ground a bit more as they feel as if they are floating, they don’t really feel part of the ground.

  • This tree type looks a bit odd where I’ve circled, it looks like you put half a tree onto a brown cylinder - it doesn’t look natural. Again, a simple fix for this problem is just to tweak with the trunk a bit and put the top half of the tree further into the trunk so it actually looks like one whole tree.


  • Lastly, I would move the palm trees to the beach as they don’t fit with the rest of the map. Talking about beaches, I would add another large beach on your map as the sand patches on the edge of the island feel too minuscule and out of place, however the large’ish’ beach also feels too small for the map so consider extending that or removing the grassy hills on it to add more space onto what you’ve already done.

Apart from that your map looks extremely well put together and clean, good luck!


Great work! The colour coordination and the use of different of different materials in this build is very nice. It certainly seems like the kind of place you’d wash up on if you were lost at sea. With that said, here are some of my suggestions as to how you could improve on it further.


First things first, I noticed that all of the palm tree models on the island were unanchored. As a result of this, they all fell apart as soon as I joined the game. Anchoring these should be an easy solution to this. As @RestInPotatoes has suggested, I also think the palm trees would fit better in their natural environment in the sand.

Another thing I discovered was a noticeable seam in the water. This appears to be the intersection point of two semi-transparent parts that are being used as water. I’d suggest removing these parts and instead covering that point on the y-axis with a one-part plane. This should remove the seams and create a more immersive experience overall. If part size is an issue, you could attempt to union multiple parts to achieve the same result.

Finally, I think the proportions of some of the hills were inconsistent with the rest of the island. In some areas, the elevation between the rocky edge and the grass were half the character’s height, while in others it was a lot less. I think this makes the player appear unintentionally small at times. To combat this, I’d suggest trying your best to keep these differences to a minimum.


Suggestions aside, it’s clear you’ve put a lot of work into building this environment. I particularly like the variety of trees you’ve used, the colours and the way you’ve implemented the different materials. With a few changes here and there, I think you’d be well on your way to creating the perfect desert island!

Keep up the good work :smile:


Looks amazing! The type of place you could get immersed in with ease. My only critique like others have already touched upon though would be fewer types of trees, unless of course this is more of a fantasy setting which in that case use as many as fits the lore!

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My bad on the unanchored trees, a silly mistake I forgot to fix. That I will for sure fix. :sweat_smile:

And into response for @RestInPotatoes I have already added some of your suggestions, such as pushing the bushes more into the ground. They never were floating, they were infact just supported by a small base/trunk. I’m currently working on some areas to have a bigger beach, and will be removing the pine trees from those areas and adding more palm trees.

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I think it looks very good from what I can see. The only thing you could add is maybe a cave or something, though that might not fit your map.

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