Feedback On Logo/Icon *Updated*

Thanks To Everyone Who Gave Me Feedback! Really Helped Me With The New Version!

Old Version



New Version

New Updated Version Of The Logo… Is This A Improvement, Any More Suggestions?
Note: Did Not Add Renders Since Still Learning How :frowning:

Time - 2 Hours
Removed 3D Lean
Better Lighting
Different Colors
Different Font
Small Design Within Text
Made Text Bigger
Different Background
Less Blury For More Detail
Made Logo Smaller For Thumbnail
Removed Logo For Icon
Removed Beta Just Will Include Within Name




It looks great! However, try to only blur the background a little, so players know what to expect in game and get really excited!

This is just my opinion


Alright! After so after more content is done I prob would change the background including the blur if more people think the same.


My first thought for the text is that’s I’d stack it instead of having it be one line. In the icon, it’d be a better fit. You can use both interchangeably; Super Doomspire does this in their thumbnails.

The space between the S and W is a bit large; might be an issue with the font. The style of the font works, it’s just those two letters that bug me a bit. I’d find something similar.

And yeah, just a little blur. Enough we can see the background but still have our focus be the text.

I like how shiny and dramatic the text is; keep it up. :+1:


Whilst the logo and text are great, I don’t think the background matches.

It’d probably be better to have a rendered background instead, but if you absolutely cannot do that, you’d probably want to get a thumbnail that showcases action, and have it a bit less blurry.


Yeah, good Idea definitely will implant the stack it will look neater, Yeah it’s the font I have it as. Little blur will do and Thank you I know it’s a small detail but tried to make the text look the best as possible

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Yeah the background is just early stages when me and my team add more to the game it will prob be some action and yes I will definitely make it less blurry.

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Hmmmm. Not going to lie, it is kind of bland. I like the effects and the idea, however, I feel like it could be carried out better. One thing I would suggest is adding more color to it or maybe even something like this with a render and text/logo on top of it:
Also you could try to add more pizzazz to the logo, it doesn’t really catch my eye. You can check out my work for inspiration if you want, also, if you can’t draw vectors, I suggest using, they have some free and good ones! Hope to see your work again! :hidere:

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Thanks for your idea prob will do a render of devs avatars perhaps idk… More color like wdym? Where? Any suggestion that I can do to modify the logo but not change it completely?

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I don’t really know how to explain it and I was kinda bored so I made this:

You can try making something like it or you can use the exact one if you want! (everything is custom made so) DM me if you do want it: sizzle#7179
But yeah I would say a logo for that game would need more color and creativity. :hidere:


This logo is pretty bland and I personally think it should have a bit of color on at least one letter, otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with this one! :+1:


Yeah thanks but actually gonna do my own be original :wink:

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All cool! I would support you trying to learn how to make logos!

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The grey will blend in when you see it on a game sort, the first thing you’ll notice is the red lock. I would also stay away from having “SWORD ROYALE” on an icon because it’s small and you can’t read it. You have to make the text big, bold, and colorful.

Here’s what it would look like on the front page:

Anyway, I hope this helps!


Try changing the main text color, Roblox thumbnails need to stand out.

Always that is what most people are saying I gonna work on it today

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looks good just rather than a fountain in the background I would put 2 men fighting. I would make the letters blue or red so they stand out. Great work I would LOVE to play the game!

Thank you, and yes me and the devs are gonna render our self’s into the background on 1 of the maps we made. Do you think blue for the sword and white for royale look nice? Also, would adding any small design within the letters like I did here look better or just plain colors?

EDIT: Also would you recommend more of a cartoony like font?

They look very nice! The thing is the background is blurred out too much and I think the text could have a background also.

Yes a lot of people are saying that too going to upload a new version today also wdym by a background also like add more color?