Feedback on my Admin Game

Update: To those who are currently reading this post or this topic, The Introduction, the features, and everything else on this topic is outdated. I will be updating this Topic in the future and change AAH for the better, Thank you guys for the feedback and I will finally admit that I am using free models but don’t worry because they’ll all be 100% Safe and I check the inside of them. Stay safe and Happy editing!

To those who wanted to see the newest beta version, play here

Introducing Andrei’s Admin House!

First of all, Why did I make this game? Because this is only the game I could only make and yes I know, admin games are dead and overrated, I believe

I just wanted to make a better admin game than anyone’s admin game (I’m new here and of course, not everything is perfect)

Anyway, Here’s what my game features It has: Happy Home of Robloxia Map Style, HD Admin, Obby, NPCs, Jeep, Signs, Damage Testers, Furniture, Gamepass (10 Robux), Realism, Topbar+, Etc!


Here are the Screenshots (Sorry for the many screenshots)

Note: Play the game to see more

What do you think about my game, keep in mind I am very bad at Coding, Animating, and Making, GUIs that’s why I made this game because I’m bored

Anyway, Stay Safe!


It’s alright but I can’t help but notice that it’s 100% free models, nothing good comes out of them



I spent a lot of effort and hours into making this game and just took some of the models from Roblox Template Suburban, Happy Home of Robloxia 2009, and 2010

I also searched Roblox tutorials on youtube and the dev forum so I add some features to my game

Please don’t say that It’s filled with Free Models or something, it’s an insult to me, sorry but please don’t…

Here’s the game link if you wanna check it out yourself: Andrei’s Admin House!

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My bad for assuming, I shouldn’t have said anything but the game definitely isn’t unique.

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Ah okay, what can I improve my game like adding something or remove something or something like that

What I meant is, what else can I do to improve my game and how can I make my game unique?

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I don’t know what could be improved but it’s just a remade version of an already existing game:

The reason I think it’s a bad idea is because I don’t understand how you will get players if there is an almost identical game with over 260 Million visits.
I don’t mean to be harsh but the best way to get players is to come up with a unique idea

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Ah okay, so what’s the best thing I could do?

I think you would be perfectly fine with your own admin game but you should use a different map or something that will make it completely different and better than most admin games.
It could be something like weird / funny commands, a nice detailed map, a hangout place, etc.
The best way to become a well-known good developer is to be different in a good way.

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I am using a different map but It has an ocean-like Jailbreak and Marble Mafia Have, but I will add custom commands in the future, for now, thanks for your Feedback, and Stay Safe, Merry Christmas!


Glad to here, I’ll definitely check it out once it’s done!
Happy Holidays!

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i like the details with the walking sounds

i feel like the characters standing in the house r a bit odd, maybe give them some animation?


I just don’t know how to give them animations, but I’ll find a way to give them animations someday


I need more people to give me feedback on my game…

Also, there’s a new update in my game so feel free to check it out

Link to my game: Andrei’s Admin House!

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i’d remove tags from the description, they don’t help much and they can get your game demoted

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You’re right, tags don’t help me so I’m gonna remove them, thanks for the suggestion.


I’m very sorry about my rude comment, have a great day, and stay safe.


I would recommend just deleting that entire map. Start from scratch. Almost everything is free models and like RuleDefy mentioned it is similar to an already existing game. Perhaps you could make your own obby that isn’t just death blocks and more unique. Maybe building tools? Also my personal opinion, I don’t really like HD Admin. You could checkout my game Drive for Admin and get some ideas.


I’m very sorry for the negative commands and I seem to improve from time to time, I’m making a big update and hopefully, it’s better than before and I’ll update this post/topic after I’m done with it, thanks.

(Also, send me feedback on what should I add, modify, or remove.)


Andrei please make your own models and buildings because you used HD Admin which you didn’t make. The house is a free model too. But you made the NPC’s (Your cousins or friends.) with a plugin. Pro tip: If you want a good game. Then make your own models/buildings.

Sorry but making an Admin system is no easy task and I didn’t make the NPCs using a plugin, I made the NPCs using a code from the devforum but thanks for the suggestion