Feedback on my Admin panel UI

Recently, I made an Admin panel for myself. Everything works but I need some feedback on the UI.
Please let me know what I can improve by giving me feedback.

Thanks a lot.
( Everyone have access the admin panel in the game below )


This looks amazing but I can see nothing that I can say negative only positive. The colours on the UI looks nice and I like all the functions. Are you willing to sell this?

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Thanks for your opinion. I might sell the admin panel in the future but for now, I’ll add more functions.

Your admin GUI looks really nice. I think you should try reducing the size of the buttons right at the bottom of the GUI as it is kinda unnecessary to have it a bit large. Keep up the amazing work! :smiley:


I have to say someone else was in the sever and I was just looking around and kicked them and I was so impressed haha.

Anyway the panel looks amazing and it felt like a real computer program, the ability to toggle a single person, server or all people in the server is good and would allow players to use a program that only provides admin essentials opposed to using khols.

Great piece of work, I can’t wait to see further developments on it.


Hey! The Admin panel looks great.
Just going to say this, the buttons that you have to press to get the panel UI should be smaller.


Just went into the map to check. Out the admin panel and i have to say you really done a great job on it.

The panel looks really good. Like how you designed it and added the background colors to the settings and music button. I would suggest you add a different color in the settings “Adam Panel” the buttons down below it’s really, hard to see if you added a background to it.


Over all you really done a great job! hope to see more of your work.

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Hello there,

It’d be nicer if you made the settings icon gradient too.

I think you should move the UI a bit higher.

It’d look better if it was a X.

Everything except these are nice. I wish you good luck on your projects


Looks good, the only issue I have is that it takes like 1+ seconds to open and close the gui

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This looks really nice, well done! I only have one improvement that you could make. When you open the side bar you can only close it by clicking one of the options. You should also make it so you can close it by simply clicking outside of the side bar.


The UI itself is really cool! However two things I’ve noticed:

  1. It takes too long for the gui to open after clicking the button
  2. When you open both music and admin at once, they kinda overlap:

I see the problem, this will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for telling me though.

The icon launcher and the actual Gui are two completely different styles. Breaks the theme/takes away from how cool it is overall. Also auto complete type thing for typing in players name would really make it a lot more efficient.


I’d think about repositioning this button since it may overlap with chat depending on screen resolution.


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Message filtering. That’s an awesome aspect to include.
If you have a +5 walkspeed, you should have a -5 walkspeed. Better yet, a place to just input a value.
You should look into autofilling names while typing them. That’d be a nice aspect to include.

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That looks awesome. I only have one suggestion, which is to make it quicker to open the panel.

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Fixed that for you.

The dock I made was in a rush. Sorry for that, I’ll redo it later.

Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll add that in the next update.

Unfortunately, I can’t reposition the button because of the material design guidelines so I will just make the admin panel draggable