Give me some feedback on my second version of admin panel (UI)


Hi there, fellow DevForumers!

In the last time, I made an admin panel with Material Design. Recently, when I check out the admin panel again, it looks outdated so I decided to make a version 2 of it. I have finished all the commands and UI. I just need feedback from you guys.

Please check out the panel by visiting the link below: The panel is not for mobile devices, only computers and laptop

Thank you for reading my post.

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For the player control panel, you should add some form of autocomplete to make it easier to type out more difficult names. Overall, the UI looks great imo, especially considering roblox’s limited built-in styling features.


I missed the popup ‘press Q to open the admin’ the first time (didn’t have the game open while loading), and had to rejoin thinking it was glitched. Consider adding a note to your post and coming up with a workaround for this for when you release the panel :slight_smile:

The interface is very nice and impressive, well done.

Is this for public release? I know you were asking about UI specifically, but if so, how modular is your commands system, and how easy is it to add commands? Can I easily add my own ‘player-based’ command and will it automatically appear under ‘player control’?

Otherwise, the following functionality would be very useful–

  • add admin-specified kick messages and shutdown messages, so kicked (and presumably also banned? but I didn’t look at it) are displayed a specific message when they’re kicked. e.g. “you have been kicked by a game admin for: blah blah.”
  • provide more feedback when an action is complete. e.g. when I kick a player that isn’t the game, tell me!
  • autocomplete of player names (above).

It also looks like it takes a second or two to load, you might want to add some sort of user feedback (or get rid of the waiting time). This is incredibly nitpicky, but if you’re going for user experience (public release?) it did bug me enough to mention.

Here are also some additional ideas that I’ve used in my own admin system (ironically, I’ve made the admin, but not the game, lol), assuming it is for a public release–

  • Allow ban lengths (e.g. 1 hour, 1 day, etc).

  • Require the admin to add a reason for any kicks / bans / other specific commands. Every time such an action is performed, log the admin name, target player name, and the ban reason + additional info in a datastore (or custom external database) to act as an audit log of sorts. This could be an optional feature. I haven’t seen any public admins do this, but I integrated this into my admin, because I want to be able to make people moderators without worrying about them being idiots (accountability is always good). I also want to be able to keep track of bans for when cheaters inevitability come crying back, in case there was a legitimate mistake.

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Beautiful, you are truly one of the best UI designers on the platform.

Great job, and as previously stated, I recommend adding customer messages and autocomplete.
Maybe add a settings tab where you can customize colors, fonts etc?

Keep up the great work!

They can customize it in the client settings in studio.

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Hi There! I really love the aspect of this admin panel! I do have a few suggestions though.

I suggest changing the beginning message, I missed the Popup Q button the first time. Along with that, send messages to the admin saying that the command was successfully/unsuccessfully executed, this allows the player to know if the command worked properly, rather then having to search to find out. This idea would go for the Slock, Kick, Ban, etc. I also suggest changing the cool-down on how long you can re-open/open the server panel. For me it took 5 clicks of ‘Q’ in 25 seconds to open the panel. Other than that, I have no further suggestions!

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Actually, its not caused by the cooldown. The animations caused the script to froze a bit.