Feedback On My Build

This was intended for a horror story game that would be called Road trip but I can’t carry through with that with no help, and I don’t have money to pay anyone. I might sell this in the future.

Should I add more houses?
What details should I add?
is there something I can fix?

Models by other people
Garage Door


Here is the map: My Build - Roblox

All feedback is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


If you can link your place itself rather than posting images – all of which are quite small, by the way – then it would be better for respondents to help. In addition, it would be helpful if you outline what you’re hoping to achieve from the build and where you feel you’re less adept. All of this is required for respondents to make judgements and give the desired feedback on your style of building. After all, there is no point in making a thread and asking us to review simple images. :wink:


ok thank you this is my first real post so im still figuring things out. again Thanks!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Too many trees, reduce their amount. Also, change the look of the trees (One is longer, wider, more leaves…etc). Otherwise, it’d be seen as copy-pasting. Add more houses and make the windows more detailed.
This also looks pretty bland;
You could make it look similar;
I’m assuming you’re not making interior, so just adding a border/frame and the handle would be good enough.

Thanks for your feedback, but I have to ask, do you have any ideas for what the handles can look like? Should I just add a black part and call it a handle?

Something like this would work;
This is for both sides though, so make sure to only make half of it.

Thank you for the idea. I will post the update shortly.

Also, try your best not to use free-models. Try recreating them by yourself, this will help you become a better builder. You could use their models as reference but making it yourself is the best way to learn.

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You should add a mailbox and maybe some more exterior details.

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Hey there! Your build looks pretty good so-far. For instance, I think that you could improve on the windows, they don’t have that much detail in them. Also, I would mix up the tree details, like mix up the color of some of them, and make some bigger and smaller. Other than that, you did do a pretty good job! :smiley:

Suggested Window


Your Window


Your Trees


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Your build looks really good so far, and i like all the different details you added all over by the house. Itself however there is a couple of things, i’ll fix and add to your map! to bring it out a little more as by looking at your map it is a little empty!!

When making a house you want. To add a lot of details to it so it could look more decent. I would recommend you implement some! dividers onto the window part so it won’t look plain. And you could add some texture to the roof and add, some handles to the “sliding glass door” in the back of the house. I would also add different styles of houses to, your map so it could fill it up instead of having one house and try adding textures to them. And the details that’s on the house the chimney! should be a brick material instead of, having it a plastic material. As well the front door i would remove that and try creating your own it, would look a lot more better. If you create different styles of houses, and implement your own ideas into your build! I would suggest you do that.


Different Trees
The trees you, have looks like you copied and past them. All over the map i would suggest you make little trees and taller ones, but try making different styles of trees to look! a lot more better in your map. And you could add some rocks, flowers, bushes, rocks, ect. To it i would recommend you fix. That a bit more and add, different details all through the map, and by the house as well you could. Add bushes instead of having block pieces next to the house!!

And you could add. Some abandoned houses through the map in trees if your going for a horror story game, as well you could add the minor details next to the house. Such as mailbox, chairs, tables, cars, lights, potted plants, ect. If you plan on adding those next to the house! overall you have, done a great job on your, build i’ll just remove the “Free Models” and try making your own creations. Into the map that will help you to improve a lot more…

Hope to see the final product of the map. Keep it up!


If it’s a horror game, I’d make it look more sinister. Maybe also add better trees and a variety of it. Also I’d suggest changing up the terrain around the house and add in a bit more vegetation.

Thank you for your ideas. I am currently working on a second house and making the trees look different.

I am making the first part of the game where everything is normal and everyone is unaware of what’s coming. I will work on a second map later after I perfect the first. then the rv will crash and players will find their way through the forest to an abandoned house where they spend the night.

Anyway, thanks I will make sure to work on what you said!:wink::wink:

I have recently answered to @jordonh23 comment about the second part. but i will add more vegitation like bushes, rocks, flowers, logs, etc.