Feedback on my completed office

Hey Devs! Finally I’m done with my office, which took me more than 2 weeks. That was longer than i expected in my last post.

Anyways, I want your feedbacks either negative or positive, honest please as I really want to improve my builds. I’ve been building for roughly 2 months, long way to explore and learn about Studio.

Here’s the game.

For those who don’t wanna play it, here are some screenshots:

Please note that i use some small free decorations!

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With a little work, I wouldn’t be able to tell if this was Roblox or real life. Nice job!


I thought that was real lie XD

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Incredible use of lighting, materials, and asset placement. If I absolutely had to nitpick, my only constructive criticism would be atmospherics. And that’s hard to integrate with an indoor scene with good lighting like this.

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That one wall seems a little baron to me, could use a touch of a painting or something, just to fill that wall up. Other than that tiny nitpick, fantastic job!

Yea i was thinking about filling up the wall too, but i can’t think of what to add. A painting sounds good!:smiley:

All I can say is it is INCREDIBLY detailed. It looks more like a movie scene. The lighting is on point. And I cant see anything visibly wrong with the build. Well done!

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