Feedback on my Element Tycoon

So I currently made a Element Tycoon were you buy powers and fight people. I would like some feedback on the game. How can I make it better? I think the powers are very nice and visually appealing.

Game Link: Element Tycoon - Roblox
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There is a lot of strange game design;

  • Why is the game about elements on the beach?
  • Why is there a weapon element?
  • Why is an RPG 50k for the space element but 1m for the weapon element?

It needs polish, no floating buy tiles, give it character, make it more element-related, don’t steal peoples thumbnails and add more things to do other than wait for money - like an obby.


This is not the first time

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He’s just another noob trying to get rich without putting any work in… don’t expect him to stop ripping from other games lol

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