Feedback on my first build in studio!

Hello guys earlier today i posted about what i can do in blender and someone recommended i should build in studio instead so i gave it a shot today and built this desert house it took 1 hour and a half

robloxapp-20200517-1226289.wmv (1.6 MB)

I know its not the best so any feedback to improve is appreciated thanks!


Alright, so first off, It looks good. Second, I think you should add stuff the better you get as a Developer. While doing that, add detail it will make you remember your first build!


Definitely add more detail in my opinion. It looks very empty. I think experimenting with different shapes to make it look more realistic may be useful. The door is also off center which you may want to fix.
Overall really good for your first build! I don’t think many builders when they started out could build as well as you did. I know I wouldn’t have been able to build this when I first began building. Keep building and I think you could be fantastic someday! :slight_smile:


It is a nice build for someone learning to build in the studio! I recommend that you align the parts on the staircase as you can see the lines of the parts.


How can i do this i keep trying but it never lines up

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I suggest using Resize Align if you have trouble with aligning parts. It automatically lines up the edges for you, and it’s useful for builders of all skill levels.


Thank you for the feedback and also i was thinking of adding clothes lines on the top and maybe some chairs

That sounds good! I wish you good luck on improving your build :slight_smile:

Of course it’s not the most detailed thing I have seen, But for your first build, This is amazing! Keep it up and you’ll become a great developer!


Thanks you it means alot to hear this!

This plugin helped me so much it made the stairs and the walls look so much more better!

I’m glad I could help. I think you will be a great builder someday!

its ok for your first.

While it does look good I would recommend adding more objects on the building itself at the moment it doesn’t seem to hold a lot of detail. Try adding some cracks in the walls, or more windows at the moment the build could use a few objects on the roof area like some boxes potted plants something to give the build more life you could try raising the building higher so the building doesn’t look like a square box.

Definitely add more detail, add more decoration under the overhang cover and expand by adding to the roof you could also use textures to give it a more better structure I’ll attach an image below so you could get some more ideas to place on your build. At the moment it looks good at the start put it could use some refining.



Okay so, I have to say, It looks good for someone thats just starting out, more more detail would change this a lot, to be honest, when I first started out in roblox studio 4 years ago, I couldnt do basically anything, all I knew is how to place an brick on top of another brick, to be more specific, didnt know even how to anchor them. Slowly but surely, you will get better, add more detail, align certain parts, (because I can also see on the stairs that some are sticking out), and experiment with more shapes given to you in the mesh section in the toolbox, or the general roblox given shapes!

Good job, Im rooting for you, keep up the good work, and someday you will be an pretty great developer! :smiley:

It’s a nice first built,

I have a few suggestions on how to upgrade this:

  • Adding a material / texture to the front poles.
  • Adding more colours (maybe rust) to give it an older feel, but also broken feel [That’s assuming this is used for a military group’s FOB)
  • You could also add textures to the wall to give it more of a realistic vibe.

For the first time, this is a very good construction, but you need to add more small details to add realism to the building. And then something is empty, so everything is fine but there are not enough small details. Good luck bro.

This isnt that bad. I’d suggest adding different things, perhaps bullet holes or an upstairs? It seems to be quite plain.

For a beginner, very good. I would suggest maybe adding a few cracks to the building which can be done with Negate (It’s a type of union that you can use to exclude a certain region from a part), you can also add an interior which would be epic!

Does look pretty good, but i can spot a few areas overlapping or looking weird.image image . I highly suggest using blender to make models, but that is your choice.