Feedback on my first composition!

(If you want to buy this this is 6,000 robux or 60 USD, contact me on discord iSyriux#9884)


Or any feedback woul be apprecia!

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@FISHGROOT This will be the next big hit!

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There is a lot happening in your song.


Its kind of hectic, and the song starts off with a lot happening. Maybe have a slower start, and improve some of the patterns in the song.


Please do not repost topics if you do not receive any feedback i’ll. Stay with your original thread. rather than reposting it. You already posted this earlier.

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I can’t tell if this is a joke or not? If this song was playing in a game I would probably leave that game or smash my computers’s speakers. It’s impossible to listen to and it goes absolutely no where.

The image you included: is that your inspiration? That’s a tranquil scene and your song is a train wreck.


No offense, but honestly the song sounds like you just threw a bunch of tracks together. Since you’re new, start off with something simple. I just started making audio yesterday, here’s what I came up with:

Not the best, as I said I just started too, but it’s also not just a bunch of tracks put together with no meaning.

It’s fine to be new, but still you need to put some effort in.

I used, it’s an awesome website, very easy to use, it even has pre-made loops that you can put together to make your own audio. That’s what I did. Took me like 10 minutes to learn.

Here is the tutorial I used to learn SoundTrap: How to make a nice beat for you game lobby! (8 steps)

It’s free too, I didn’t use a single penny on it.


Always cool seeing music on the forum. So heres some feedback.

  • Theres a lot of dissonance, so the notes don’t have much balance with each other. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely sounds more like an experimental style than rock.
  • You have too much voices with the same frequencies. Your composition has a good bit of voices, but they’re colliding frequencies which gives a muddy sound.
  • Theres no defined tempo or melody, which works in ambient game soundtracks, but its not too common for intros.
  • Your pricing is your own, but $60 USD for a 49 second track is kinda what?

Great song, and everything. :clap: Keep up with the amazing work.

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not the solution, it’s a lie.
(30 deep)


Quite interesting. Never heard anything like it. Continue working hard :muscle:

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I play the drums and the drums in the music sound bad and uncoordinated. The piano also sounds like someone was smashing the keyboard.
I’m not a professional at making music, but this is what I’ve got:
Feel free to download it and use it for free! I hope this feedback and music example could help you.

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That is very mean and rude! How could you say such a thing, I worked really on hard this song - 10 days tirelessly.

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I’m just giving feedback as you wanted feedback. I also think it’s a bit too expensive.

This might help im not even close to a composer so this may not help but mabye spacing out the sounds a little more will work and blending them. I lk the tune though!

I think you need some honest answers here. This is… not good. Your drums aren’t mixed. You’re playing random notes that sound horrible. Your strings are too high of an octave. Also, this is in no way considered reggae or country rock. Reggae is a genre that originated in Jamaica. Bob Marley practically shaped the genre and remains a legend because of it. I don’t feel I need to give a description for country-rock as it’s pretty well known and straightforward.

Learn your major and minor scales. Learn what triads are and how to write them. That would be a start. Once you know this, music will be pretty easy to write. Trust me, my first songs were not good at all lol.


Sounds really good! I can really hear the reggae in it, and I can see how you mixed in all the country rock & Christian rock too! The buildup near the start also sounds beautiful. One criticism however is it should be a bit more fast-paced.

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dam, this is actually really nice lol

I like the terrain and the music is better than some other stuff ive heard. Lol