Feedback on my first custom rig

Okay so a few minutes ago, i finished my very first custom rig;
I’m kind of proud of it since i haven’t done any prior rig work (aside from simple weapon handles)

I’d like criticism on how i would make it better!
(Don’t start with things like “More finger joints” please, they’re not meant to be detailed)


That looks really cool! Do you have other animations completed for it? (Walking, running, jumping ect.)

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i was ecstatic to get criticism and opinions, so i didn’t get around to that yet xD

Oh, that’s all good, looks great so far and keep up the work.

Also be sure to update when you have animations, I am curious now. :smiley:

It really looks cool, the thing you should carry out for your rig is making animations and effects for it. This is a good rig for your first time.
Well Done
Keep Building! :smile:

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Update on the animations; he has learnt how to walk now


Really cool! maybe make the torso and head movement more smooth? The legs and arms look great to me!

is it alright if you do a 360 view? I want more detail on what I am seeing

here you go:


tbh i think the back looks a little more fatter than what is in the front

yeah, that’s the intention; it’s hunched over a little

ah now i see what you mean. I will let you know if i see anything else

Suddenly; crystals



The rig looks pretty nice. I don’t have anything to say or give feedback for, well done!

try making it look more natural think about it as a sea diver just breaching the surface

and ps add bolders flying…

This looks awesome! Great job with it. It definitely has a creepy style to it.

Wow, this is great work, I really think you have done an amazing job. As I am not preffessional, I am just gonna say the body looks a bit messy, I understand that you are trying to create life an effect but right now itis just a bit too like random and spread around. But, overall it is very good! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

on an update, i found out i can do stuff like this with this particular rig, and it still looks like it was meant

Wow I remember replying to your post a few days back I am glad that you have implemented some animations.
Good Job
Keep Building :smile:

He looks like an elemental ice warrior that if you add him if you want a helmet or a head that would be all.Amazing job.