Feedback on my first GFX ( Updated version )

( I’m very new to making topics so I might’ve did some errors… )

So last time, I’ve receive quite a lot of feedbacks on my first gfx, so I decided to improve it.

These are the feedbacks that they gave me:

  • Improve the lighting
  • Change the fridge color
  • Add paintings
  • Change character’s shirt

So here’s the new gfx I made ( It’s still my first gfx… )

( Well you’ve noticed that I didn’t change the character’s shirt, I kept it because you know how chaotic is the shirt catalog, and I can’t find any good shirts for it… )

I redone almost everything, and it’s better than I expected ( or I have a very low expectation… ). I took about 3 hours to finish it ( rendering took more than an hour since my computer isn’t that good ).I’d like to receive more feedbacks from you all again, thank you for stopping by!


Try getting a better quality sky for the outside, as it looks kind of low-quality.


That’s all I can think of for now!


Yeah… I have trouble finding high quality skies that are good…


Thank you! I’ll make more in the future. :smiley:


I’m just amazed, after all the gfx I’ve seen, I don’t get it, this one just makes it look so real and amazing! Great job buddy!


The shadows are lighting are perfect, well done! I would maybe add some more detail to the walls by adding some of these.

  • More Paintings
  • A Clock
  • Mirrors

This great you should try to improve the sky, and the window looks a bit basic in my opinion, but the shadows were great, it is great but it can be improved with a little more work :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smiley:
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Okay, I’ll try to add those in my gfx, thank you for your feedback :smiley:

This is absolutely amazing, but try to make the light from the window blueish, because the sky is blue.
Nice work! :wink:

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Thank you, I’ll try to make the window more detailed. I’m also having trouble finding the right sky background since most of the pictures’ quality is bad

I never thought of that, thank you for your feedback!

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Okay, I have to say this: the shadows are absolutely AMAZING. I love the way they blend in with your GFX.

I do agree with @Itsyourdriver on finding a better sky - I think it’s not to scale with the rest of your GFX.

Overall, great job on improving from last time. Hope this helped!

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Thank you for your feedback :smiley:

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Really nice render, I love the lighting!
One thing I would suggest is to increase the exposure in the sky to match the almost white light on the character and kitchen counters.

Okay, I’ll list that down. Thank you for your feedback!

This is really nice but if you want to up it a little but then you can add some of the things I’ve written down on this image -

You don’t have to add any of it, it’s great just how it is!

The first thing I saw however was that there is no ground outside the window. You should add a ground out there, it looks like your house is floating!

In the end, this is really good for your first GFX, you’ve captured the viewers eyes with the picture and a few other things but if you want them to stare at it then you need to add a lot of details so that they’re stuck in your image taking in it’s complexity and beauty.

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Oh wow, I never thought of adding those. Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try my best to improve it ( again )!

It looks kind of bland. Don’t know what is making it look that way it is just bland for me.

I saw the first post and…

I think you didn’t corrected that. Why do you have double faucets? Lol

It looks extremely amazing to be your first one, even for some experienced GFX artists this could be a challenge! Keep it up

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