Feedback on my first GFX

I am currently working on artwork i have been working on.

Please Give me feedback ao i can make my next GFX.
Also this is my first GFX.


Hey, I recommend fixing the lighting as I can barely see the main avatar. Your watermark is also in the way, so you should either put it in a corner or somewhat under the render. It’s quite good overall for your first render, can’t wait to see some updates on it!

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This doesn’t really seem like GFX. It’s essentially just a picture taken of Roblox Studio. I’m not sure if the sun lens flare is Studio or not, but if that one particular aspect is done through image editing software, it’s far too much in the way to visibly see anything.

I’d recommend learning the ropes of Blender for character rendering as well as Photoshop. A good tool to use for a starter is paint.NET.

I don’t think this is a render. This is just an image taken in studio right? I suggest using Blender or C4D to render characters