What other gfx's are there?

So I see gfx’s like this Feedback on my first GFX the ones I’m familiar with and this Feedback on my first GFX[Old] what are the other types of gfx’s?

I don’t really think that there are different types of GFX (correct me if I’m wrong). For me, it depends on the artist’s style.

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Well, the second post was titled incorrectly. What the user actually made was a UI, not a GFX. A GFX is a render of roblox characters posed with other 3d models.


Ah, yes. Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:

Actually, a GFX stands for “Graphic Effects”. Having just a render of a character and nothing else wouldn’t be considered a GFX, even if it looks good.

If you add any effects, sunrays, light rims, and other things afterwards like you’ve seen on Minecraft Speed GFX (very nice xd), then you’ll notice they render the character, then take the character into a program like photoshop or paint(dot)net and manipulate the photo into adding better looking effects. Improving the artwork.

The first one is just a picture of a character in roblox, thats isnt a gfx, the 2nd one could be considered a gfx in theory however. They’ve taken probably some icons or made their own, then manipulated.

Technically, you can take a picture (IRL) and add a sunray effect, and that’ll be considered a GFX.

A GFX is not limited to just being a render of a character or one with other 3d models.

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Yeah GFX does stand for graphical effects like VFX stands for visual effects and SFX is sound effects, but I am pretty sure most people call plain renders GFXs too.