Feedback On my first plugin Ever made

I made a plugin that will find old Model Ids without you having to ID surfing for hours on Roblox for only one old model you can find a lot of models Ids Very quickly The models will not be inserted into Studio it will give only you the Id to type into To find the model
here is a Tutorial on how to use The The plugin

this Plugin is very new and is still in beta So if there is any bugs then please report them to me
if you are interested in buying this plugin here is the link
Note when you install it you have to allow script injection so it can generate the Model ids and Then you need to relaunch studio


Seems a little strange.
I’ve never used a model ID number to search, but if I already know a model ID I’ve copy/pasted it the same way you did.

To me having a list of models between 2 ID numbers that doesn’t show a picture and only gives you the name of the model seems a bit backward. Yes, if you know the range of what the model ID is then it might help.

Just a suggestion, but would it be possible to have an option to search in a date range as well? For example, Sept. 2012 to Oct 2012.

I’d rather search by name for a more specific search, but I know that the Toolbox has been so spammed by copies of models recently that doing any kind of search can take a while.

Well I guess i’ll add an update for that

It looks good for a first plugin but a few suggestions,
I recommend you remake the GUI as it is a bit hard on the eyes, I would do this by decreasing the size of the help button in the bottom right and moving the enter button below the input fields (while also making the input fields less in height), and finally maybe making the title a bit wider and less height.
I also recommend trying out PluginWidgets CreateDockWidgetPluginGui to make the GUI resizable and able to be dragged!

Like the other person suggested, having it possibly show images along with names would be amazing as well as searching between specific dates!

it already drags and I am currently working on an update to add almost everything you said you want for this plugin and I think it would be very hard to show the image when you click the model

Alright, post the progress when done. If I see it ill give some more feedback!

Update on My Plugin
The Icon on the plugin has changed To prevent me from getting copyrighted just in case
I’ve added a View model Tab where you can view an image of the model from The id
and You can now search by year I added Search by year mode and a search by Id mode
Watch this video for More context
Note this not 100% stabilized build of the plugin so things might be slower than normal

and yes i’m considering to add the time it was made to the model image