Feedback on my first Textures

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Hello*, im FireAtacck and im a Artist. My hobbies are GFX Art, Logo Design, Graphic Design, *UI, *Modeling and now +Texturing. I’m learning how to sculpt in blender and how to make textures on substance painter. I know how to use a Blender because Im making GFX. I started to making Textures 3 days ago and its so easy. :smiley:so this post shows my 3-day progress… *Please Give Feedbacks

First Texture:

Second Texture:

Third Texture:

Fourth and Fifth Textures:

Sixth and Seventh Textures:

And my Last Swords Bundle (same model):

Cartoon Scooter

NPCs for NPC Heroes

Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


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I modeled and sculpted in Blender, but I’m using Substance Painter for textures

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These are pretty nice. My favorite is the gun. The first one looks a bit large, but the textures are very good.

Loving these hand painted textures! great job!

Those look amazing! Keep up the great work.

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