Feedback on My First UI Designs

Twitter: @FAtacck
I am FireAtacck / Artist (For Hire)
Today i made my first UI Designs :smiley: please give a feedback


Used programs

Photoshop CC 2017

Please comment a feedback


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Wow. Thats really nice for your first UI designs. I was never this good on my first try. Looks great!

For your firs UI designs, that looks great. For the cash counter UI, I suggest you make the cash icon a bit smaller.

Also, for the buttons, I think you should remove the labels on the buttons. Like the “Shop” label on the shop button, maybe you should remove those labels as I think the buttons will look more clean.

For the shop button, maybe the color should be a lighter color of red. Overall, for your first UI designs, that looks awesome. Great work! :+1: