Feedback on my forest

I’ve worked on this new showcase game called sunset forest.

So far I’ve improved a lot when building this showcase and it really did helped my building skills. Right now I want some feedback over some of the assets/forest I’ve built. Sorry if the grass doesn’t really look like grass, I’ve really tried my best to create them and this is my first time I’ve ever built one. Giving me suggestions to help me improve them would really be appreciated though. all of the assets included in the forest were built in blender.



This looks really cool! Good job


I love maps like these, really good job bro.

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Looks really cool! I’d say with the grass make it a little less symmetrical and watch for placing it on hills. As in when it gets placed and starts growing out sideways. I feel that can throw the eye off a little bit. Other than that though it’s pretty well designed and I’d be proud of it.


Thank you! I will try my best to make the grass the best it can be! :wrench:


It was too bright in-game but great work!

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Your "Sunset Forest” looks really good, like all the different, details you added to the map as well the the wooden cabin you have. Implemented into the forest looks very decent! I think you have done a incredible job on your, showcase the size is really good it looks like a. A decent showcase you have made overall. You could add some more details around. The map to bring it out more!!

The forest looks really amazing and detailed, however your forest looks a little empty and doesn’t seem to have that much details to it. I would recommend you add some logs, plants, flowers, bushes, vines, taller trees, ect. To look more like a forest as most forest have a lot of different details to the map i see you added the cabin inside the forest to match the style your going for i think it looks really good, Consider adding a little campfire outside by the cabin with some rocks around the map to look more. Better since your making a forest showcase, those details i listed above is suppose to be! Inside the forest and i would suggest you add, some front lights onto the cabin and maybe add. Some color/texture to the door as it seems to be, the same color as the windows you. Implement to your cabin overall i think it looks very decent!!

Your cabin you implement inside the forest looks very good. As seen in (real life picture) cabins are suppose to be inside the forest, try adding some more cabins but different, styles of them to your map i know it well look more nice. Consider adding some logs, wooden chairs, moss, broken trees, ect. On the side of the cabin and around different, areas of the map if you plan on making the map more! wider you could add those details i listed above as seen below you could see that other forest has a lot of details to it i would recommend you add some more trees, grass, vines, broken branches, little ponds, logs, ect. Around the area to look more better however i think you’ve! Done a amazing job on the style your, going for looks great.


I know your forest could use a couple of details to look more better, as i said above you could add some logs, vines, taller trees, flowers, thorn bush, ect. and add some colors to the cabin
door! I would also add a few other details to, your showcase to make it stand out more. Here is couple of details you could add to your forest! To make it look more decent overall you, have done a amazing job on your “Sunset Forest Showcase”.


  • Thorn Bushes
  • Flowers, Plants Grass
  • Rocks, Leaves Thick Weeds
  • Moss, Branches Tree Logs
  • Redwood Plant, Little Mushrooms
  • Epiphytes Plant, Selaginella Lichens On Trees

Anyways, you have done a incredible job on your “Sunset Forest” the vegetation i listed above is what forest needs so it could, look more better and detailed. However you don’t have to add, all of the things i said above you could just use some! Of the details can’t wait to. See more of your work very soon and, the final project great job!!


Sorry if the dynamic lighting I included in the game was bright. Perhaps i’m going to lower it down a bit.

I think your build looks really great! I love how clean the meshes were made. Keep up the great work!

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Looks good, although I think the wood texture on the lampposts doesn’t really work with the rest of the scene, as everything else seems to be SmoothPlastic. Also I think the grass should be grouped more tightly together.

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Looks good though I believe lighting should be adjusted.

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the shades seem a bit too dark but other then that it looks great!

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The cabin could you some more work, you have places where parts are sticking out and floating above ground.
here is an example:


Nice work! I just explored the game and I think you’re on track to making a fantastic showcase. My favourite part of the map has to be the cabin and the little mushrooms scattered around the forest floor. It’s clear to see you’ve put a lot of consideration into the models and I think it shows.

Here are a few of my suggestions for possible improvements:


I agree with @1Katiee and @DevTJH in regards the lighting in the showcase. The contrast between the extremely well-lit areas of the map outside of the forest and the harsh shadows beneath the trees is too staggering and makes it difficult to see small models and details around the map. I think with warmer and softer lighting effects, you may also be able to create a more immersive atmosphere and increase visibility.

Time of Day Manipulation

Something that stood out to me while I exploring the game was the speed at which the sun moved towards the horizon. It seems to be very choppy, which naturally causes the shadows in your game to move at a choppy rate too. I would suggest playing around with whatever script handles this behaviour to make this movement more gradual. If scripting isn’t your forte, feel free to post an exert from the script below and I’ll see if I can help you out!



Finally, I’d suggest adding some form of borders at the edge of the map. This would be a good way of preventing players from jumping off and will help keep your players immersed in the experience. If you’re looking for ideas, steep hills, a winding river or even a mountain range could fit quite well within the environment.


Other than the improvements suggested above, I think you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.


Sunset Forest

Your forest build is nicely done. The tree’s and grass detail’s makes the world feel more alive.

However, I would recommend turning down the sun ray’s effect. it is too bright when you’re focusing on it.

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The lamp posts are flawed;

Add something under the water (a floor/ground)
The mushrooms look great and vary in size and color, the grass on the other hand is too repetitive and looks like it was duplicated and just moved; maybe add different shades of green to the grass, make some large etc.

Maybe change the color of the grass terrain to match the trees, since the builds don’t really match the ground.

The invisible lighting you placed here should be centered in the lamp, it’s leaning too much on the tree’s side. Also maybe script it to turn off in the day?

Besides that, great place. Good job on this!

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