Feedback on my game

I have been working on a game with some friends for over 7 months now and i’d like to get some feedback. this is my second project on roblox that i took seriously (the first one was a simple tycoon with buttons). not gonna lie, i was heavily inspired by defaultio’s lumber tycoon 2 and projoot. at first i thought a game like that would be too difficult for me, but with some help from my friends and this forum i have managed to script most of the basic features (growing trees, chopping, inventory, custom tool crafting, plots, building etc.). right now there is not a lot of content so the game is not really playable yet, but do you think i should continue working on it? is it worth it? also any ideas appreciated

actual ingame pictures gallery:

heres a list of all ingame materials as of now:
(not all of these are added yet)

we are planning to add way more.


It looks really good! I’m getting Booga Booga vibes. Looks like a lot of fun! Can I have a link to the game?


Oh yeah it actually looks kinda similar to booga booga, heres the link