Feedback on my GFX

I’d like some feedback on this GFX I’ve made, This took around 3 hours, And this was mainly created for an Art Contest!

Any feedbaxk would be appreciated, Feel free to check Portfolio as well if you’d like to see more of my work!


Looks pretty decent but might wanna change how he/she’s holding the gun


It’s nice and simple, maybe too simple. If you really want it to pop, I’d maybe change the color of the sky a little and add some more things there. Also, it looks like the tip of the gun is in the dirt, you should probably change it’s position.

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Thank you! The gun is a musket and its pretty long, Maybe thats why it looks like that, I will definitely look into that on my next gfx.

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Hello there, Thank you for the feedback, The gun is a Musket and its pretty long and i’d rather not have it small because it wouldn’t looked good so i made it going into the sand a bit which was the only thing i could’ve done because i really liked the pose!

Hello. This is amazing. The render is smooth and I like it. I would add some overlays to make the GFX stand out more! Keep up the work.

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That’s amazing! How did you make that it’s so smooth.

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At the end of the GFX, Before rendering it i subdivided one arm and i subdivided it once or twice, And then i selected the other limb and and at the end i selected the one i subdivided and pressed CTRL+P > Modifiers, Which subdivided all of the other limbs, I also done it at the end because if i subdivided it before i would have alot of lag and it would’ve be really hard to work with.

This is Milan from twitter

also I feel the sand and musket material can be done better

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I love how smooth the Image quality and lighting is.
I do have 1 issue, The stock kinda does look out of place on the arm, (only slightly) not a big deal.
Maybe you could have him shouldering the musket or having him holding it with both hands. I think it would look at bit better but its just my opinion

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This was a fairly rushed example however, if you’re saying it took around 3 hours as in render speeds and such to take into account, you can increase render speeds fairly easily (Though I may be wrong in the 3 hour part, in which case, I’ll just tell you my feedback later through):

(if you know how to decrease render times then I’ll say my opinions about the render later on)

You can better render times by decreasing samples, now you may be thinking (yea thats gonna hurt some noise issues), no, the denoise node will definitely help in getting rid of most if not all noise.

That will drastically speed it up, another thing is changing tile size renders to 16x16 if you’re using a cpu or much higher for gpu usage.

If you got a GPU, use it, it will help speed up renders as well. Changing render priority (or something similar) for values like transparency and so on to lower values will speed up render times as well.


First of all, your work is very good, the soft lighting and smooth look is done very well. However, some issues I see is in the composition of the work.

The way the player is holding the weapon looks like it is, floating? It also doesn’t seem like a way somebody would usually hold a gun, emphasize the way he is holding the gun, make it noticeable, even make him hold with both hands.

The camera angle is fairly good but can be drastically emphasized, rotate if you want to go crazy. And make the character look down on the camera, giving it a sort of “boss” like feel or empowerment.

The pose seems very static as well, emphasis it as you see in game thumbnails and so on.

Slap the metal’ness level on that necklace and pistol to high. The gun’s material seems very plasticy and not woody feedling? I consider looking into pbr materials for that.

You should (if your computer can handle it though, mine just goes oof If I try) have displacement on the material near the camera of the sand, giving it more details/realism in sand.

Heres an example of one of my commissions I did for somebody, although not perfect, should give you some hints on what to change :ok_hand (Click the dropdown button to view the image):


Your work is done very good, its nice and simple if thats what you’re going for. Great job and keep working at it :+1:


Thank you for the feedback, I am still trying to improve, Didn’t really need any info about render times since i know most stuff about it, I do use a Gpu for the rendering and denoise it as well. The GFX took 3 hours including the rendering time, But the render only took over 10 mins, I had it over 130 samples. For the necklace i did try to make it more shiny but the effect wasn’t really strong because of the necklace it self, And most people know the musket is a very long gun so thats why it might look floating even though i maked sure it wasn’t!

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This is good, but for the gun you could’ve made a pistol or a revolver since your background is sand. But it’s ok 6/10. Lighting seems good, not sure if the sun is right above the character making the shadows look weird but it’s good.

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Oh, yeah am still trying to improve on my lightning but the person who i made it for liked musket more so i went with that!

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