Feedback on my GFX

A couple days ago, I made a GFX and wanted some good feedback but nobody would really tell me their honest opinions. So I decided to come here and ask you guys for some feedback.

Also, this is my first day in the dev forum because I just got accepted so I’m still kind of getting used to making topics and stuff. :grin:


It’s also my first day of getting on the DevForum. It looks really good. :slight_smile: Maybe Ad a Astronaut? How would he breathe without space suit.

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Thank you, and welcome to the Dev Forum. Also, everybody asks me how she breathes up there without a space suit and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of adding a space suit.

Yes, I have discord. ACellist #4093

Thank you for the Feedback I’ll definitely turn down the glitch effect next time I use it.

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It actually be long to art design because she is making art not a build hope you under stand.

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I think maybe add a helmet to the guy and for one have of the guy it’s a bit to dark maybe make it a little brighter.


Anything asking for feedback belongs in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations.

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Well not to be rude but that category is suppose to be for builds and what people have made this one is help and feedbackart design which is people ask for feedback on Gfx, different textures pack etc.

Yeah, a lot of people say the same thing so next time I make a GFX like this I’ll definitely add a helmet and more lighting. Thank you for the feedback!

accept? ;( my discord friend request is what I’m talking about.


I accepted it your friend request on discord.

I suggest now you got to use dev forums and you are pretty good at Gfx you can make a portfolio and people can buy your art and stuff. It is just a recommendation you don’t have to do it.

I’ll make a Portfolio and commission sheet when I get used to the dev forum.

The chromatic abberation is a bit overdone

Well you can follow the template it makes it easier

Yeah, somebody else said that too.

The posing and scene objects looks good like the falling structure is there a reason why the image is a little faded blurry around the background?

The lighting and elements put into the scene makes it pop, perhaps try including more space objects more stars and other useful planets if ever needed the background has a bright appearance I’m assuming that’s casting because the amount of effects you put into it or the lighting? Since you’re still learning this could take into consideration when approaching a new project.

You should decrease the amount of white lighting shining on the character face. it’s decent but a few touches could go along way. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mostfunds. For off topic questions/response try to private message the OP to avoid clutter on the thread.


I didn’t put any lighting in there actually. All I put was an HDR.

But I get what you’re saying. If I added more stuff in the render it’d look better like asteroids, stars, planets etc. and also a lot of people suggested I should turn down the glitch effect. Thanks for the feedback!

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