Feedback on my Grappling hook system

So, I recently started working on a custom grappling system(something that isn’t from Attack on titan) and personally I am pretty proud of the results.

However, my being very far from a talented developper wanted to know the opinions of people who actually know what they’re doing on this system I made.

just wanted to say two things real quick,

first, for the movement system, it isn’t mine, it is iGottic’s Open Source IKPF System for R15

and second, the game itself is very memey, please don’t mind it, I know it doesn’t look very professional but I don’t really have the time to remake the entire thing since i’ve been working on a ton of things recently.

so, the controls are kind of complicated.

Hold Q to aim and left click to fire the hook
letting go of left click will unhook it
Reeling in/out by holding Space/Ctrl

you can chat “;ShowSettings” to open a setting menu which lets you tweak stuff like;
Graphics (turns DOF and SunRays on/off).
Cinematic camera(was initially meant to be an aiming camera but I couldn’t get it working sooo…).
Grappler particles(turned it off for now beacuse it was the prime suspect for the data leak issue)
Reeling speed(Self explanatory, minimum is 1, max is 5)

You can close the setting menu by chatting “;HideSettings”

the system is very bad at the moment, it’s in very early stages and will improve a great deal in the future, but I haven’t seen anything of the sort before and thought it was fun to play around with.

Here is the game

ill be patiently waiting for feedback.

Ps. If you feel like being brutally honest, go ahead, I don’t mind brutal criticism as long as it isn’t straight up insulting me for the sake of insulting me.


It’s super buggy but it was really fun/cool once I got the hang of it :slight_smile:

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Thank you, and about the bugs, i’m currently working on fixes of those, especially the one involving roblox’s buggy physics letting characters pass trough solid objects, i’m thinking of fixing this using raycasts that trail behind characters.

the bug fixes that i’m currently working on (excepting the phasing trough solid objects) are;

  • character getting thrown on the floor when the hook is shot out.
  • Roblox’s humanoid system messing with the physics (it slows the character down and tries to force it to the ground(that second one I think has something to do with the IK movement system).
  • character getting randomly thrown around.

that’s about it for the major bugs I found, and I already have a good idea on how to fix them in mind

if you found anything else, please let me know!

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Best thing is the il vento d’oro remix, sounds like Giorno’s theme, that one non-copyright song lots of tycoons use, some Undertale song I don’t know of, Minecraft doors, and some other stuff maybe. Also sounds like some cyberpunk type music inside.

Other than the music the actual model of the grapple system looks nice. Not sure if you could change anything but the system is a bit slow to respond, and you cant do rapid movements or change direction while you are in flight.

The system is very buggy, you end up teleporting instead of smoothly flying.

But otherwise it still is nice in my opinion.

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Haha yes, about the movements, i’ve determined it’s roblox’s humanoid system causing the slowing down and i’m working on a fix, thanks for your opinion though!