Feedback on my group roles

These are all the roles. Made the group my self. FEEDBACK NEEDED

Board of directors
Chief of Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff
Chief of Development
Deputy Chief of Development
Head Administrator
Head Moderator
Staff in Training
Retired Staff/Developer


Whoa there that’s a lot of roles. I would recommend having less roles. I you have 4 Moderator roles and a lot of high ranks. I would get less roles because having a lot of roles or ranks isn’t always a good thing.


If I have experience dealing with a lot of people I know how too. Not being mean

Having experience or not I still think that’s too many roles. Why would you need so many roles?

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-eyes- Welll you see. This studio is a professional studio.

Professional studio? Well when I go look at some of the top studios they barely have a few roles. The big RP severed like some of the SCP have the owner the board of directors and exclusives. I don’t see that many ranks on that many groups expect once I saw it but the group I saw it on only had around 500 members. I am just giving some tips. Not trying to start a Argument.

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The studio i run is making a roleplay game and need roles to manage the game and studio. I’m supposed u didn’t question the Chief of staff and deputy chief of staff and chief of development
And deputy chief of development.

You don’t need that many. Take a look at the top RP severs or just some popular ones. They have only a few roles for the Exclusives. I am just giving my opinion since you asked. That’s everything I have to say.

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Ok. Thank you for feedback -leaves chat-

I think it’s pretty good, I honestly don’t have much feedback other than I think the roles are pretty creative.

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Thank you. Tbh I have more role ideas. Just need robux lol

If u need role ideas just pm me on devforum

I am liking the roles, what is the group about though. I would probably be able to provide more feedback knowing what it’s about.

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A studio and it’s for a roleplay game inside of county studios. If u want link just ask

A link would be awesome. I would love to check it out.

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Added a new role gonna update the post (game is not made just started the studio)

Possibly changing the Banned/Blacklisted to either Banned or Blacklisted instead of both, maybe do that to all of them to shorten the roles and make it more clean. Another idea is to change things like Deputy Chief to like Head or something shorter. It will just help your group and overall your game look cleaner and people are going to want to join it more. That is just my opinion, if you like it that way by all means keep it.

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The banned/Blacklisted idea I like I will change that

Okay. I’m glad that my feedback has helped!

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Yes. The group was made by me. The roles are special to me. I feel like no one likes the roles cuz they are long