Feedback on my half finished shop UI

Hello everyone!

You might have already seen this topic: How should I redesign my shop GUI

Now I am half way done with my new shop UI and appreciate feedback on my progress. Keep in mind, that I am not finished yet and there is lots of work left on this project!
Here is a screenshot but in the game you can see the hover animations and other sections.




Looks good however I think I would change the size of the text for the bigger parts of the UI. The ones with the blue gradient make the text a tiny bit smaller so they aren’t touching the end or just make them smaller and move them to the bottom left if that makes sense. Other than that it looks great. Keep it up :+1:

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Nice work!

Try to make the main shop sections text size to be the same, it would make it look more uniform and neat. I would also recommend toning down on the UIGradients: if you use too much, it may get messy and unorganized. Lastly, make sure that the font style is around the same style, if you have a sleek font paired with a cartoon font, the difference between both would be noticeable and not appealing.

very cool done but the gradient is a little bit bad but in general everything is fine

It does not look like this anymore. You can see the new version in this game: Clock's Difficulty Chart Obby HARD - Roblox