Feedback On My Hotel Room

The room is nice, the only thing I would add personally would be more detail to the walls like paintings and maybe add some plants as well.

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This is a very cool improvement, keep on the good work. Is this the end result or are you still working on it?

Add more details, for example plants, or tables and it’ll look fantastic! :woot:

You should add more decorations and more wall designs, and maybe lights to make the ceiling and flooring less plain. If you’re going for a modern minimalist design, maybe add some modern wall designs.and textures. Adding more lights and more nature would greatly improve the build.

Other than that, the build is pretty cool. Keep up the good work! :roblox:


I am still working on it. :smile:

Awesome! Are you selling this building after finishing it or is that unknown?

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I would figure out a way to add more colour to the room(paint the walls, make the table and stand wood), also I would remake the couch since its a little unrealistic(it doesn’t have arm rests and the back of it is way to small, also way to long). Other than that it’s a great hotel room and amazing for your second build!

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I may sell it in the future, not right now though.