Feedback On My Hotel Room

Hello everyone, I have recently started building on the forums, in fact, this is my second build! I wanted to know if anyone could give me any tips. One of my builds I just currently built happens to be a hotel room. If anyone has any helpful feedback, it would be appreciated. Thank you!


Here are my thoughts:

  • Kinda Boxy
  • Kinda Color Less
  • Kinda Empty
  • It’s all one room like bathrooms should be another room
  • Add some textures (custom)

Thank you for the feedback, noted!

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Relatively it’s quite empty and blank. I would add rugs, maybe curtains and indoor plants to really add more detail.


Very bland and plain. Maybe add more windows, and some pictures and plants.


Suggestions for improvement:

  • Give the walls more detail or add something to fill the spaces: This could include picture frames, wall lights, shelves, dream catchers, coffee table, pillars, large lights, etc.

  • Make the ceiling and the walls a different colour or add detail to make a difference.

  • Extend the TV outwards, it looks too flat and just like a block.

  • Make the floor a different material or colour, you don’t really naturally see hotel floors designed like the examples you had shown.


It’s a bit plain try adding something more eye catching. Adding a vase in the table with flowers, nice red carpet or blue whatever color really, use shadow map lighting using the sun ray effect t come from the window, outside the house you can make sky scrapers or regular neighborhood buildings, add dishes and cups near the kitchen area, etc… whole lot of ideas I can say right now, but I think you get the point.

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So my thoughts on your hotel room are there that it doesn’t have much colour, because normally colour make stuff good looking and nice to look it.
Also it is blocky, maybe try creating a cooler looking couch from 3D-Modeling apps.
It is very empty, maybe add some more furniture and add some carpets.

Good luck on future developing,

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It’s kinda bland, maybe trying adding some colour, maybe more detail its also kinda boxy


Flower pots
Pillows maybe?
Fruit basket

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Well I think detailing it would go a long way. Add some plants, pantings e.ct and add texturing

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It looks very empty and blank. I would suggest adding some decoration like a fruit basket on a table, a big flower next to the door and a light switch.


It’s too empty. It could add:

  • Paintings to fill in the empty walls
  • A small cupboard to store in shoes and umbrellas.
  • Curtains for the windows. (Could be also half-opened to let in some natural light in too)
  • A vase on the coffee table. (Could also add in some snacks in a jar)

Other than that, it should be fine. Also a tip, you may merge materials as well. (2 parts in another but different materials.)


Try fixing that couch up too. The TV would look a little better if it was more slim, I’ve not really seen any modern TV’s that are that thick. You should probably add more details to the shelves and tables. Good for your second build though.

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The floor to me is a little boxy but other than that, it looks good!

May be needs some more details, but overall it’s good futuristic room.

Thank you all for your feedback! :smile:

It’s too white or colorless, please use some more colors.
I also would like if it looks more realistic.

The assets looks very nice!

Only thing I will want you to change here are:

  • Add textures/Wallpapers to the wall. Eg like some stripes, wavy, dots etc.
  • add something at the corners. Like plant pots, dustbins etc.

Other than that good job and good luck!

Thank you all for your incredible feedback! I tried to add some bits, and remove some bits for an overall better build. Thank you!


I think it looks wonderful! If it was a real life room it would be part of a :star::star::star::star::star: Hotel and I would definitely stay!

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