Feedback on my (Kinda Trash) Group icon


It’s good, in my opinion. Better than anything I could make, not that I’m good at this.


Good job! Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


It looks cool! It’s not trash in my opinion.


It’s really good. Not trash, but simple. I like simple logos. Nice job! :+1:


Looks really clean!
Got a few suggestions to make it pop a bit more.
I think adding some highlights onto the letters would look good and maybe changing the rays to include green and blue so it fits more with the lettering?
You could possibly recolour the rays to be green and blue or fit them inside the white gaps between the rays.
Did a quick example of what I mean.

These are just suggestions and you don’t have to listen to any of them, just ideas I had.
Hope this helps!


Thanks for the suggestion it looks cool i think next time i should try that thanks! Oh yeah what Website did you use?

I used an app on my iPad called Procreate.

Nice. But is it available on Pc?

Unfortunately not. But I’m sure there are alternatives you can use. What software did you use to make the logo?

I dont know what to use so i just used pixler E

Ah okay. You should be able to change it using their tools. Do you want me to help guide you through it?

Yeah Because im Very new to it (Started yesterday)

Alright. So, go into the logo, do you have the rays on a separate layer from the lettering?

Uhh i dont really know what you are saying ;-;

Okay, let me try and explain layers

Is this the website?

Yep thats the website buster thats correct

K. So on the left. You see a part that says layers. I’ve got 3 layers. Layers are basically the order of what goes on top of what. So if you had a cake, you’d have the base, then the frosting then the toppings or candles. Layers are just the order of images.

Okay so what do i do next buster? (im only saying buster so i can leave replys)