Feedback on my Last GFX for practic

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I am FireAtacck GFX Artist (For Hire)
Today i made an Game Icon for practic can you give feedback?

only render lol :

GFX Icon:


Used programs

Photoshop CC 2017
Cinema 4D R19 (its my first GFX on C4D :smiley: )

Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


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The render itself isn’t the best, but when it’s paired with some editing, it looks good. However, I have one complaint, if you look closely at the GFX icon, the pets have little lines on them. What’s that?

Happy Birthday!


Well the GFX that you’ve made looks cute, but looking good. I like the blue glowing eyes that’s poppin out from it, and showing it with some more effects.

One thing that I will do is, removing those mouse arrows, but its kinda useless to me I suppose

By the way, happy birthday


It might be a little bad as it was the first render I got in C4D.

And the lines on the pet are metallic(iron) texture

Thx for feedback :smiley:

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Overall the icon looks pretty good. However, I noticed that the cropping job for the pet is kind of sloppy.
e.g. The legs on the pet are wiggly and I’m not sure if this is for effect but there seems to white lines on the top edges of the mini pets.
Maybe you can fix that?

P.S If the white lines are done for effect then you should make it a tiny bit larger and add more contrast and intensity on the lines to show that it’s electric.