Feedback on my Last GFX

Twitter: @FAtacck
I am FireAtacck GFX Artist (For Hire)
Today i made a 160x600 Ad for an clothing group :smiley: please give a feedbacks.

Ad: 160x600

Used programs

Blender 2.82
Photoshop CC 2017

Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


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It is kinda low quality, not that HD. However, I do love the render and the wording, it stands out.

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Awesome job!

I know I would definitely click, this is a really great ad.

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it is low quality because skyscraper ads 160x600 :(( but THX! for feedback

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Looks nice. For the “5 :robux_light:” text, I would make the color a bit more brighter or add some effects to make it pop out a little more and be brighter. Overall, looks good. I like it. Nice work! :+1:


It looks pretty good imo!
Good job! :clap:

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Loking good! as a qualified gfx designer I can tell your doing a great job! Although like other people mentioned you should work on the quality. It looks kinda low. Thats pretty much all I have to say :smiley:

And as well, Is this really yout last gfx? Im just curious. as well I think you should countinue if its your last because your doing great! :slight_smile:

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Might wanna switch the robux symbol and the five, I saw 50 before looking closer and thought, “wow, expensive.”

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Great AD, I really like it. Tho, I feel like the character shading could’ve been done better.
Other than that, great job!

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That actually looks like a decent ad

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This is quite cool, although the quality is questionable, the background, the lighting effect, and even to the tiniest of details. All I can suggest is that you make the join now text a bit smaller/less pronounced. Other than that, great work!

ngl i thought the 5 robux was a 50 lol


I agree with your observations, however I am pretty sure that the reason for low quality is because it’s the only actual acceptable advertisement size that could be uploaded as a skyscraper ad; 160 x 600 px. I do usually include a higher resolution version of the ad even if it doesn’t work, so I could see what you are saying. It would actually be pretty awesome if Roblox could accept higher sized images into their ads, thumbnails, icons, etc. in order to present full detail.



Hello FireAtacck! i like the GFX!, i also like the Blur in the background (and the shading on the character) , i’m gonna say the things which i don’t like (my opinion)

  • but i’m not a big fan of the “JOIN NOW!” or "5 :robux_gold:CHEAP CLOTHES!"
  • the little mouse on the bottom-right corner, it reminds me of YouTube Clickbait.
  • The last thing i dont like, is the face if the character, it reminds me and a lot of people about these cafe games with that dude that always spend 1 billion robux , and has a Valk and that face

What i think about this:

All the things i said, aren’t a big deal, they’re just my opinion, you can make things as you want, it’s your Ad, it’s a really good work, goodjob! :+1: