Feedback on my Last GFX

Twitter: @FAtacck
I am FireAtacck GFX Artist (For Hire)
Today i made a Game Thumbnail for Murder Mystery 4 please give a feedbacks.


Used programs

Blender 2.82
Photoshop CC 2017

Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


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Very good gfx!

But I do have some critique.

•Maybe make the shadows slightly more pronounced (I understand the fear of shadows being to harsh)

•I’m not sure roblox thumbnails can have gore either( sorry if that’s not what was under the man in the suit)

But as a whole very nice gfx!

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really nice GFX! Like @denistomato said, I think the shadows could be a bit more noticeable. The blood, I think you could do without. It looks great but I think you can’t use gore (IDK though so don’t take my word for it :sweat_smile:)
Also, this guy’s arm looks detached:

might wanna fix that.

Solid GFX, man. Keep it up

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This looks awesome! Great job my guy.

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