Feedback on my Last GFX

Twitter: @FAtacck
I am FireAtacck GFX Artist (For Hire)
Today i made a game Thumbnail for Gingerbread Clicking Legends :christmas_tree: can you give feedback? :christmas_tree:


Please comment a feedback

If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


Used programs

Blender 2.82
Photoshop CC 2017

My Portfolio : HERE!!


It’s amazing, but I do have some small details that seem to be overlooked when you were making this. First off I’d like to say, small details are really noticeable sometimes, and if you don’t look at them it could make your GFX look poor or rushed. One of these flaws I saw was the plushie shoulder accessory didn’t seem to fit on the person on the lefts shoulder, and the gingerbread man seemed to clip through his hand almost, but it could just be the angle. Also, your lights and shadows are a bit off. For example, what is the light near the house? It is one of the brightest features you have and it doesn’t really follow the laws of how light works and your shadows are a little bit off and some aren’t really needed. Those are all my details I caught onto. I think though that your GFX is amazing though! It’s really well made and it took me a good couple of seconds to spot your mistakes. Love it, keep making GFXs!

Too bright and kinda saturated for me on this picture. Nicly done mate!

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I think you should add a logo on the corner of your thumbnail.

That isn’t that bad bro. It’s very good. I suggest putting the title somewhere on the image. But overall, I say this is a neat GFX. Keep up the good work bud.

It looks great! Way better than what i would done.