Feedback on my Latest 2D Artwork

Hey guys I’m curious to see what you think about my latest 2D artwork…
Just made the eyes as what I wanted Lol…

My Artwork :point_down:

Thank You!


Woah this is really cool :grinning: I really like the red outline

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It’s a lot better than you previous work, the shading is really nice and the eyes are quite cool.

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Awesome! Really like the cartoony look and the background! Well done.

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thank you so much I had to do a lot of work on this because I am in laptop and if you want any art work for your profile picture of banner please ask me or if your friends want one please recommend me thank you!

That’s Awesome Dude! Keep up the work

Btw what you used to make it?

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I used laptop, photo editor in chrome name is pixlr e