Feedback on my logo #3

This is a new one. I need some new feedback.

Eating Simulator

I used my own burger


I suppose if you’re looking to take it to the next level, the next logical step up is lighting and volume. By giving it lighting to break off of its current flat look as well as making it 3D, you can vastly increase the quality of not only this logo but all of your future ones.

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Honestly, it’s too simple and non-detailed to me. You definitely need to work on it a lot more to make it look better, I’d suggest messing around with the colors of the text a long with the small decorations around the text to spice it up a bit.

Pretty good though in my opinion it’s a little to bland. Maybe try to add a background to it. You could even add small details like the burger being in one of the letters like the o in simulator for example. I would give it a 6.5/10

Seems a bit slappy, perhaps 3D text would increase the interest of the design.

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Glad to see more work from you! :^)

Pretty simplistic and general logo, you could make the burger a bit bigger, and I think using all caps for the fonts would make it a bit more appealing. Besides that very nice, maybe mess around with making it 3D. But overall good work.

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The hamburger should be large and the text covers it.

Hey, I really like the font and the colors of the text. I suggest you add a background but not too complicated(just rays are okay. You can get them from here). Also, I would recommend making the burger a bit bigger because the bottom is mostly covered and the burger looked like an easter egg to me.

I did all that on Purpose. (30chars)

It’s not exactly the best decision, the logo must give a clear idea about what the game/group is about in a single look without even needing to read it.
If the Hamburger is a big larger and is clearly shown, it serves the purpose of a subject in a logo.
In this case, there’s no subject.
Just a title.
More or less, it’s a good start and effort.
A little bit of lighting and shadowing could propel the logo to a whole new level.
Keep going!

3D text would be a good addition. Try adding some more things into the background which corresponds with the title.