Feedback on my logo designs!

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Hello! About 2 days ago I made a post about my art and it blew up quite a bit Feedback for my art
So I took a step and started making logos. Again inspiration taken from @FalllenAnqell and @TixLumb2 . These people are the ones that encouraged me to take this step. All I need is feedback from the community. So, here are the stuff I have made so far. These are all non-existent game names fyi.

These are the logos so far and I really hope they are good enough for me to start logo commissions.


I like the font you used! It’s very unique! As well as the decorations surrounding the text! I think you did a great job on this!

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They look great! Love the style you’ve got there. I’d suggest playing around with different textures and different styles as if you keep making them similar to previous designs ( In terms of the texture, extrusion, etc. ) it will become quite boring and repetitive to see.

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Uhh I think they are arial Lol Thanks a lot

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Yeah I’m playing around in photoshop at the moment finding all the hidden features that can benefit me. Thanks!

Oops I realized I added two of the same picture

this is another one I meant to add.


I love these.
The icons are clean and the text is sleek; they complement each other very well.
Not to mention how nice the colors are.

Great designs all-around! ^^

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Hey so I took your advice and made this

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Dont mind the white lines. They are watermarks

Whoa! Very eyecatching, I really like the way you’re using the soft glow.

Your text is very complex in terms of its ‘texture’ in comparison to the background elements, I will second MarioDZN.

You have a really neat effect on the Dienamite logo with the subtle color gradient on the explosion!

Seriously cool, well rounded and sleek! I love your use of gradients!

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some more


That looks great! I really like the style that you’ve got!

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Oh shoot we got a talented logo artist

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Oh lord, we have a sidebar user. Abort, ABORT.

Jokes aside, phenomenal artwork.

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Hey, I was just wondering what font is that?

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O.O EPICO WORK! , Keep it up bro

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regular arial, normally would find it by default

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I prefer the side bar :joy: it kinda helps