Feedback on my low poly map

Hello, I am working on this map for a completion and I am just wondering what I could add to the map. It’s a canyon. feedback would help me too! Here is the link of the game if you want to see it in person.


Thanks for reading, every feedback would help!


Really cool design, i like it a lot.



Firstly I love your build, but to be picky this is technically called flat shading/no texture (rather than low-poly) as I explained here.

But back to your post. I think the lighting is very well setup, and the shadows are very effective. The colour choices are just right and I think your plants and rocks are very nicely detailed.

Is there going to be anything else in the game? If not and this is it as a showcase, maybe add a shelter down on the lowest level, I think it would add a nice bit of visual diversity to your game.

Edit - I really like your bridge.


I like it, although I would add something else to finish the map off… maybe a western cabin?

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It’s for a competition if I win the competition this map will be used in the game.

I will see what I can do. Thanks

Very Nice, I love the wood planks on the bridge they are unique I’ve never seen a bridge like yours Nice work! To enhance the graphics a bit turn map shadowing on and download the Plugin Sun Positioning from there you will have very nice shadows on the map, and to go a step further you can even add blurriness to enhance the graphics and the look of the game! Nice Work :+1:

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I like how everything looks simple and comfortable like you just want to build a house here. That is what low-poly maps need to feel like.

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Really cool. I like the how the sun is in there as well. Keep it up.

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I genuinely like what you did with the terrain portion of the map! The style of it is really appealing to the eye. The bridge and the details you added are amazing.

Although, the map itself does look great, but the water area you made does look pretty plain I do know the map is for a competition, but you could possibly add some bones, dirt rocks, since you’re making a cayon make a lot of them don’t have normal rocks try adding something like that only if you plan to I would try adding something in the water like rocks or grass overall there isn’t much that could be added to the scene since it’s for people that completed the game.

Overall it’s looking nice.

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Looks very good! But try to add more islands , fence around islands and more builds. Good luck!

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Looks epic! Maybe add a wild west toun town

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