Feedback on my Main Menu UI

Hello, I made a few UIs! I wanted some feedback on them. :smile: :heart:

The video shows the rest of the Menu.


Oh wow! I like your GUI! :grinning:


Font looks off and the text sizing look bad. But I suggest you to make buy buttons green rather then red. It looks better to players like that

Thank you. The red buttons are the game pass teams when you buy it will turn green. :heart:

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Great. Keep up the good work…

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Good job! Things I would suggest changing are the fonts, and the positions of the text.

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Thank you! I’ll try that. :smile:

It looks great! What you could do is make it so that the ones that are bought show up in the main menu and those that aren’t are in the shop.

Oo Sounds great! I’ll try and do that. :smile:

It makes it so that the things that you didn’t buy don’t show up when you want to play, which may confuse the player.

Yea I understand. Thank you for the feedback!

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