Feedback on my Menu [Build, GUI]

Hello everyone! for the last few weeks, I’ve been learning how to build. As previously in my last post, you saw a GUI I made for my Main Menu, this post being: My First GUI, Good or Bad?

However, many people liked the GUI, I haven’t gotten feedback about the background, in which I thought the background looked unprofessional and ‘horrible.’

So I decided to re-do the background, also since the server lobby ALSO sucked in my opinion, I decided to make a whole new server lobby, this one being a japanese theme city.
The build isn’t done yet but I would like honest feedback because I’m striving to make this look unique as possible.

Old Builds:
Newer Builds:

Server Lobby:

Things I’m planning to add:

  • Curator (Person who welcomes player to game, also has different animations while in menu)
  • Finish up the office
  • Finish up the lobby
  • Make a more “menacing” game intro, changing sounds to fit the theme more
  • Make the lighting better

Was this a solid improvement? What do you think I need to work on or do you think I shouldn’t have re-done it?


Also, if you’re wondering why I made a hallway for the Office, it’s because it’ll be used for cutscenes for the actual gameplay.

If you know what Dark Pictures Anthology is, then you might know what I mean.

Edit: Here’s a video of the updated menu and such, planning to re-adjust camera soon.


Yooo all of these look really sick, not much to say besides keep up the great work!!

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