Feedback on my new and first game “Into The Sea"

I did all the things that people said on this post How can i get my game popular? and now i need a feedback of the game “Into The Sea” and things that i can change or add to make it better

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Really cool to see what you have so far. Reminds me of the Survival 404 games of old Roblox. A few compliments and suggestions I came up with after a brief play session:

  • The boat/raft gets glitchy when you drive it onto land
  • I appreciate the implementation of custom ProximityActions
  • The color tween on the various “health meters” are not that clear. I think either a number or sliding bar of some sort would help clarify exactly where my hunger, thirst, etc. is at.
  • Not sure if it is already, but the crafting and build menus could be organized better to imply the sequence you should craft/build them at the beginning of a game or, better yet, you could unlock recipes as you collect various resources or make advancements in the game.
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tysm, so i dont know how to fix the raft, i think the color tween its good, you dont need to know especifically the number and this makes a bit more realistic in my opinion also when its other color that isnt green you have hunger, or this and the crafting menu shows T0 items, there are T1, T2, And T3 and you can craft this items using a workbench, and how can i organize the build menu?

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