How can i get my game popular?

Hi! After some months i released my game “Into The Sea” with a price of 150R$ in early access, alpha but no one plays it, i tried uploading a trailer to youtube and other platforms but nothing and also the game dont appears in the roblox search, and i think ill change the price but i dont know what to do.

I consider that the game is cool and this but what’s the point of making a game if no one player plays it?

Can anyone please help me? Thanks!


First thing would be to remove the price tag. Very few games can ever pull that off. I think you should advertise it first on Tiktok or whatever to gather interest then if you really want it to be paid then make it paid after its gathered that interest. Nobody is paying 150 robux just to test out a game.


ok, i ll remove the price and i had advertise it on tiktok, instagram and youtube but nothing( with the same trailer)


just from looking at the thumbnails and video it doesn’t have any driving factor or reason for players to test out the game, especially purchasing it for 150 robux. there has to be more objective and reasoning to play the game, while keeping the access to the game free and advertising on more platforms


how can i upgrade the thumbnails?


i mean it just shows pictures of a boat, island, and trees. nothing about the gameplay or anything special that happens in the game which makes it worth 150 robux


uh okay, i understand, i ll add more images and when i have robux an video


I believe you may have went about releasing the game in the wrong way. Usually, developers would start by slowly creating a following of interested people so that the game has at least a few guaranteed players. These people would then tell their friends about the game if they like it, which would create a chain of people knowing about and gaining interest in it. Other ways would be getting in contact with YouTubers or influencers that can help promote your game.

If you do not have any of these connections, your best bet is promoting the game through Roblox advertisements. Remove the 150R$ price tag and tell everyone you know to help share your game. This method may be incredibly tough to work with and probably a bit costly, but it’s the reality of not having the connections to help plug your game.

Wishing you the best of luck with this and future projects.


First of all, try telling all your friends (if possible) about your game. Remove the price tag and let them play it. Similar to @kiddomaru if they like the game they can tell others about it, Which can lead to a lively game.

You can also improve your game by making the maps more detailed, don’t just spam the exact same trees everywhere. Try making different models of them and making different sizes. You can also try adding grass weeds throughout the map.

Looking at the trailer, I believe this can be improved by changing the fonts in the video, you can also make it unique by making your own ABC fonts. Try adding music too.


i have a few guaranted players, and there is other options to roblox advertisements( i dont have robux now)


the size and rotation of all trees and palms are random and can u recommend me any font to use in thegame thumbnails and videos/trailers?


It honestly depends. Judging on the style of your game it looks somewhat low poly so you could probably go with the Fredoka One font (note that these fonts I am recommending are the ones you can find on studio) I would also recommend Fondamento.

in studio in the 80% of my texlabels and this uses fredokaone but my video editor and image editor dont have it and ill try with fndamento

in two days ill release an update and when i release the update ill put the game price on 0 and do the other things you said

You can also screenshot a text with the desired font from Roblox Studio, crop it and erase background, anyway good luck!

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uh tyyy, this is a very good idea


Idk the thumbnail and trailer just seems very bland and not eye appealing. The trailer doesn’t real you in (isn’t eye catching) and doesn’t even tell you about the game I’d suggest you do more research on how a popular trailer is structured in order to leave people wanting to play the game. I’d suggest you promote your game on platforms like TikTok and Reddit but you need to have a much better trailer. Make it exciting, dynamic, scary, whatever fits your game. But the trailer you have right now just makes the game seem boring and plain.

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ty, ill try to do this and do you have any examples?

Announcing a game on socials could be helpful, considered trying that?

yes i tried this, on youtube, instagram and tiktok