Feedback on my new Game Icon

I recently made this for me and my friends new game, any improvements or nice comments? : D


personally i dont like it, no colors match and the lighting feels off. I would consider making it have a color theme and giving better lighting.


Nice art work! If your new to making GFX make sure to add a bit more lighting that matches with the background. Keep up the good work! :grinning:

So does that mean the lighting should be purple, or brighter? :slight_smile:

I would say It fine how it is now, but like maybe add a bit of lighting behind him.

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Also the lighting feels off because it isnt coming from anywhere, so it feels strange, and the lighting when it was rendered looks un-even.

Alrighty, thanks for the feedback. I will take it into account.

It looks fine, assuming you’re a beginner, as you progress on I recommend learning and relying on tutorials to help you perfect aspects of the GFX like lighting, poses, movements, etc. But seeing as you are now, you did a good job for starters.

Dang that looks nice, But text feels a bit wrong.

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May I as how the text feels a bit wrong, so I can improve it.

Nice render! Personally I think you need to do more of a pose on the player model as at the minute they’re really tiny bends, so in my personal option maybe redo the render and make the pose look better

Indeed, I was planning to the that right now actually! :slight_smile:

I really love it. In my eyes aka the person who develops 24/7 the colours really stand out! If I seen this game Icon I would immediately click on it. The name sounds amazing and I love the big bold NEW!. I like the background colour purple and the text being coloured yellow with a black border. The character / roblox player has a nice shine on the face / reflection. The movement / orientation in the hands is smooth and not clunky.

You did a overall good job! :clap:

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Nice work! However, the yellow words don’t seem to go with the purple background. I would definitely change the color scheme. Also, I could see the words (not “NEW”) being in 3D.

Thanks for your feedback, but the idea is for the yellow to stand out, and to not match with the purple background. I will definitely make them 3D though. :slight_smile:

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