Feedback on my new phone Operating System

I am working on an operating system made entirely in studio without rojo. I have the non-smart phone part working decently (its not complete). It can run apps made using the UI library and the apps can do as much as a normal script. I am planning on releasing it when it is done for roleplays or anything that uses a phone in game.
Here is a video of it:
The game:

Please give feedback!


I love the background its very captivating

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there is a bug
Edit:im on mobile

That happened randomly to me only once in the day I was developing this and rejoining fixed it.
And it happened when you had that bug and modules cache so it was probably just a freak accident and we both saw it because of the cache.

Yoooooo you should make it so you can make the background any decal you would like

The default background will be in the config file. It is possible to set the background from an app and I may add a background changer app to the app store.