Feedback on My Newly Revamped Game, Super Speed Race Simulator!

Hey there!

I have just republicized my game, Super Speed Race Simulator, which is in Alpha right now, so it is far from ready for advertisements and bugs and updates need to be added.

If possible, I would like some feedback along these categories.

  • How are the Guis?

  • What do you think of the overall gameplay?

  • What would you change/add?

  • How are the tracks?

  • How do you feel when it comes to accessibility?

  • I will be adding a tutorial later, but how hard or easy is it to learn right now?

For a game that is still in Alpha, what do you think?
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Thanks, enjoy!


I enjoyed it. Really, my feedback are only nitpicks.

  1. The windows are shoved really far out on the buildings, for just windows.w

  2. The “Play” Button at the beginning hurts my eyes.

  3. You can get really fast within a minute of playing. You may want to make it harder to get faster🤷‍♂️

  4. The tree leaves look really similar to the grass.

  5. The menu comes up again when you rebirth. You can turn the property “resetonspawn” to false if you don’t like this behavior.

Those were just a few things I noticed right off the bat. Overall, very good!


Ok I will look into fixing that.

ok I was thinking about taking it away anyway

Ok I can check that out

I am not the best builder, so yeah that and a couple other things I am going to need to fix.

I actually like how this works, but the reason it doesn’t look right is because I don’t have a message that you rebirthed, like when you equip an animation

Thanks for the feedback! Great reply!


If there was any problem joining the game and coming up on a blank screen for forever, I believe I have fixed the bug. If anyone finds anymore bugs, you can post it here(along with hopefully some more feedback) or on the games’s group’s wall.

Very cool game, you definitely put a lot of thought into it. Here’s what I thought - take it and do with it what you like.

Guis are generally pretty good. The taking the speed, points, and step values out of the leaderboard was a good call - it saved much-needed screen room. I would recommend putting a small close X on the top right of the inventory, etc screens - it was a little bit confusing to figure out how to turn it off, especially when you can open multiple screens at once.

The gameplay is pretty much the same gameplay as all of the other speed simulator games on Roblox, but yours is nicely optimized, so I appreciate that. Personally, I think that the leveling up mechanic doesn’t serve any real purpose, so I would take it out (the leveling gui is nice though :slight_smile:).

The courses are super cool overall. Obstacle run has a confusing layout, but overall you did a really nice job. I like the use of obstacles so that fast players don’t immediately dominate.

What do you mean when you say accessibility?

No tutorial is needed. The game is easy to pick up, and the Roblox playerbase already knows how to play simulators anyways.

Overall the game has a super fun vibe to it. Great job!

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Ok I will look into making that a little easier to navigate

Do you mean the level system or rebirths?

I mean like how easily can you get around in the game, did you have to hunt for all the features, or were they recognizable and you could pretty much have the same knowledge of the mechanics as if you had played it for years…

Thanks for the feedback!

If that’s the case, accessibility is 100% fine.

The level system.

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Oh yes if it the level system I think I am going to add some rewards. And also they are mainly for rebirths, but they seem like nothing because it is super hard to rebirth, so to make it more realistic, think I am going to make it a level 15 increment every time instead of 25…

Hey everyone! I have added and changed a couple things.

  • Added to icons(aren’t the greatest as I STINK at art design :rofl:)
  • Made it a lot easier to rebirth, instead of it increasing by 25 every time, it goes by 15.
  • Added Bundles! They are gamepasses that you can buy to get a bunch of cosmetics and pets.
  • The most important thing to note: Pet Upgrades are out! You can now earn Swift Snacks by winning races to upgrade your pets and give you a huge boost!

As a side note though… I am very sad to say that I had to data wipe everything. I know some of you who played a bit are thinking, “why, just WHY???” but I had to, the game was using too much data the way I was doing datastores, so I needed to change some stuff, so people’s stats would save. Sorry this is part of the game being in Alpha.

What do you think of the updates?

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Looking Good! I like everything you added so far! My only problem is that… the in the game thumbnails, the text being disjointed is very confusing. For example, in the first one, you have

Race on multiple


and then Buy awesome


I recommend making the text all on one line, even if that means decreasing the font size a bit. Other than that great job!

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Really? Ok, I can look into fixing that. Thanks for the feedback!

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