Feedback on my RPG

this is a game am am working on:King's RPG [TESTING] - Roblox

feed back is a mega thing!


You should really invest into spending time animating the shovel, along with improving the quality of your models. The game would confuse anyone who just started playing it. The player wouldn’t know what to do without a tutorial or some kind of guidance. Most of your models don’t work and you can’t buy more space, the prompt doesn’t pop up once clicking it. The map is just a normal terrain baseplate with 10 trees, you should really look into making your game enjoyable and fun. From a few minutes of playing the game, I still have no clue what to do and to expect.


okay, but it is in testing

sooooooo its in beta

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I’m sorry but I have to be honest, the game is Flatout Terrible
for the Following Reasons:

The Entire Map is flat with semi realistic terrain and basic cylinder Trees.

Theres nothing to do on there. theres a broken Shovel Tool, a Broken Shop, and nothing else.

The Game dosnt even look like a RPG at all.

Sorry if I was rude, but it seems this game is too much of a Big Project for you
especially after you made a post earlier of how to make a FNF Game.


Once again this game shouldn’t of been released at all, even if it is testing this game is like 0.1 percent done and its just flat land that you spawn in and thats it. I really don’t know what to do in it either.


That’s why I’m giving you feedback?


I think that you should hire a builder or get a friend to help you with building and maybe learn how to script better…


But, I would suggest getting more Scripting Tutorial and Building Tutorials before doing a big project like this and start off smaller like a obby, hangout, showcase, etc. starting big will make you fail in your projects,

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okay, stop. i am working it out

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you know what i am not gonna finsh it

my game is not gonna be reasled

if u give up this easily, then ull never make a good game… try to be more resilient

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I told ya, never start off with big projects youre just gonna quit them. start off small

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but ill be willing to help you build and script if you need help doing so

hold up one second
how about this:King's Obby: and the neon world - Roblox

will do it for free? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Yea I like doing alot of things for free I don’t need robux

nice thx alot :smile: :smile: :smile:

ill send a friend

I played your Obby, and it was pretty cool, but if you are trying to make things too out of your skill zone, then you can focus on learning and start smaller, and take on challenging things to try just out of your skill zone, and that’s a pretty good way to learn more.

Yea I also played, Its Poggers!, but as I said I am now helping you on your Obby since were Partners now, I’ll be sure to Better it.