Feedback on my SCPF - PART 3

So… this is part 3.

Part 2:

Here are some images of the current map:




(tutum means safe)

And yea, that’s it for now.
Feedback would be much appreciated.


looks good overall, although the first picture seems to undetailed, but that might just be me! :wink:

I understand what you mean, it is new and slightly rushed.

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Yeah i understand, but keep up the good work! :wink:

It looks really good. But I believe you should make it a little darker as it’s a bit too much light for me. But it depends on your style.

You are right, but let’s think of this realistically. The people who would build the SCP site wouldn’t choose dark lighting or dark colours just because it’s dangerous. They would make it a colour that is aesthetically pleasing.

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But, i do admit i need to tone down the lighting a bit

Here is the game:

In game it looks even better! Although i would connect the places not teleporting the player, since the generator thing sound just starts randomly being loud when u go back from the hallway, overall good also look what i found :wink:

Yea the thing is… i have to teleport otherwise people can see the whole map when viewing out the glass

you could remove shiftlock (unfortunately idk how) and maybe make the hallway go other side then the window like to the right side and just blocking it with the terrain :wink:

I would not disable shift lock as many games with combat rely on it

or another option making a big building there and just making the rest of the map there, so it feels more natural

btw are you exploiting? i dont mind if you are

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no u can just go out the map and i just jumped on the terrain i saw a hole and i was like why not?

yea, im gonna add class d cells soon

yeah keep improving!!! :wink:
30 letters

there are also secret tools to help you escape the class d chamber- for example - a hammer that can break one of the panes of glass

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as well as a breach event. i am currently in the scp game, if you were to join i could show you both of them

cool, ill make sure im updated on the game! :wink:

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